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What makes the long list of achievements by pop-punk’s rising stars, one:day:life, so impressive, is that everything has been accomplished by the three hard-working twenty-something’s themselves...and we mean everything.

The release of their debut album, “Heroes, Hoods and Headphones”, which was written, recorded and produced by the band, comes as a milestone in their fast-paced growth. Singer and bass player Max Shelley provides more detail, “We are really proud of each and every song on the album. We’ve always been confident in the sound we wanted – fast and energetic, but still full of catchy pop hooks. We wanted a record that wouldn’t give you time to stop and draw breath, and that’s definitely what we achieved.”

Another example of their drive and determination is the unique and hugely successful schools tours, which have been organised and managed by the band themselves. Performing to hundreds of potential new fans on a daily basis has gained the band a growing nationwide fan-base. “The shows we play in schools are always great fun,” declares drummer Kevin Abbott, enthusiastically. “It worked out that we played to well over 10,000 people on just the first few tours - no mean feat for any unsigned band.”

Alongside the release of the album comes a new website and street-team, offering new opportunities for the band. Guitarist Dan Probert explains, “Now that we are able to sell mp3’s directly from our own website, without the use of any third-party company, it makes our music accessible in the quickest and easiest way possible for new fans. We are also able to release new songs as soon as they are finished, something we plan to do for releases in the future.”

So what does the future hold for one:day:life? “We plan to play more live dates than we ever have before, including schools tours, pubs, music venues, festivals – anywhere we can. When we’re not on the road, we’ll be working with the street-team to promote the new album and increase our fan-base. We’re already writing new material – it’s a really exciting time for us.”

Make sure that you take some time to look around the one:day:life website at www.onedaylife.co.uk - yes, you already guessed it, the site was designed and built by the band. You can find out all their upcoming tour dates, latest news and hear new tracks as soon as they’re finished - you can even join the street-team community and help to spread the word about a band that has so far done it all themselves, and are now keen for everyone to become part of what they’ve created.

Even with all that Max, Dan and Kev have been able to accomplish themselves, they are keen to expand the bands appeal and fan-base as far and wide as possible. They are currently looking for a record label or management company to help them finance new marketing for the album and look towards another release on a national and international level.

They are also looking for promoters, venue owners and other bands to help them find gigs across the UK - they’re willing to play anywhere and everywhere and will put on an amazingly energetic show every time.
A few of the bands accomplishments to date:
  • A professional looking, great sounding album.
    The self-recorded album, “Heroes, Hoods and Headphones” features 12 perfect slices of pop-punk and is on sale now.
  • Street-team up and running.
    The Lifers is a growing community of fans who work hard to promote the band in return for prizes and rewards, more info at www.thelifers.co.uk
  • Online store selling mp3’s directly.
    Fans can pick up new songs instantly, straight from the band. The site also stocks a full range of merchandise, find it at www.onedaylife.co.uk/shop
  • Ongoing schools tours.
    Performing to large numbers of potential new fans, each one getting promotional material handed to them directly.
  • Ready to tour - anywhere, anytime.
    A professional equipment setup and customised tour van means that one:day:life are able to set up and play in any venue.
  • An energetic and captivating live show.
    Three years of touring has led the band to have an unmatched stage presence and personality.
  • Structured promotion and marketing.
    Working wonders with tight budgets, one:day:life have managed to become experts in the art of self-promotion. You’re reading this aren’t you?
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