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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She calls me Daniel

So, my shopping trip went well. I didn't buy much though, I'm terrible at shopping. Norwich is good for overpriced girlie clothes, but just the same as everywhere else for clothes I like. "I don't like it". Purchased a t-shirt, a grey pair of trousers and a pair of bright blue skinny jeans, which Max and Kev laughed at for about a hour. (I like 'em even if you don't).

Last Saturday I went to a little place called Thorpness (excellent first-date setting) with a new ladyfriend, the sun was shining, I was in my new skinny blue jeans a Top Man shirt and flip-flops(stylish). In Thorpness you can go to this big lake an hire a row boat for an hour, we opted for one called Jill. The idea of first-date rowing is: Girl picks boat. Boy rows boat. Girl looks suitably impressed. What actually happeded was something along the lines of: Ruth picks boat. Dan can't row, flaps round like an idiot for 10 minutes. Ruth rows. Dan looks suitably impressed. Sweet.

Took a short trip to Aldeburgh after and had chips and a Jumbo. There is a great book shop in Aldeburgh (The Aldeburgh Bookshop) and I randomly bought two books. Ruth looks suitably impressed...ha ha. I already had one in the post from Green Metropolis anyway, so now I've got 3 to read. Brett Easton Ellis - American Psycho, Irvine Welsh - Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs and Irwin Allen Sealy - Red. I've started the Irvine Welsh one already.

Other stuff below:

Drove for ages in the wrong direction to Tamworth yesterday afternoon because of a crash...made it to the gig in time to find the other bands hadn't turned up and wern't going to. Great start. We loaded in, rocked out, loaded out. It was fun. We got invited back to play there on a busier night, plus the promoter(Emma) promotes/know people who promote other nights nearby, so was well worth it. Some shows we end up playing to not many people but end up with some great contacts. Late drive home, work 8.30am, I was a little bit late, whoops.

Got Frank Turner's Real Damage EP yesterday too, its good, 4 more excellent Frank Turner songs. I can't find a song by him I don't like. Some of us are going to see him on Thursday (yes, thats tomorrow!!!, I'm excited) in London, I'm definately going to be picking up a copy of his DVD.


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