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Monday, October 29, 2007

Northern Rampage

We went and kicked your asses 'oop north this weekend. I had a pretty good time actually.

Trust The TomTom - It told us an odd way to get to Louth which Max insisted was wrong until we looked at the map...we had to turn around at the next junction and go the way it was telling us.

The guys promoting the OxJam stuff in Louth were really cool, they put us up in a B&B for the night. (Kev and Me had this weird room, looked like a big sauna with 2 beds in it. It had this open shower/wet room...no lock on the door, no curtain nothing, just open....i liked it.) John was a little disappointed with the turn out, but i thought things were cool. There also was a cool photographer guy, he took loads of great photos - the ones of me were the best...they will be on our flikr page soon we hope. Also, on Friday night we finished playing and packing down and we were hungry, the only kebab/pizza place in Louth is actually inside one of the clubs there, genius. We strolled in a 1.55am and looked for the counter, and it was kinda in keeping with the rest of the decor as well. awesome, "3 pizzas please" and off we went.

Wigan...although we hadn't heard much good stuff about the place in general...everyone we met was cool, we literally parked up outside loaded, played and went home, so we never actually saw anything else of Wigan...(probably for the best??? ha ha). The promoter Andy had his stuff together and the sound guy was damn professional too. The venue, called Club Nirvana, was wicked, really big stage, massive ceilings, lots of levels, neon/fluorescent lights etc etc. The place has under 18 rock nights on a Thursday, and under 18 gigs one a month on a Sunday afternoon. So although it was 4pm stage time, we rocked pretty hard. It payed off too..

Stupidly long drive from Wigan, according to Mr TomTom - 250 miles, 4.5 hrs. according to shitty English roads/traffic/Max's ridiculously small bladder - 250 miles, 6 hrs.

Today. - Back to school show booking.

In other news, Me and max went to see Ratatouille the other day and accidentally managed to go to the first interactive audience participation game...bugger. It was honestly the lamest thing ever. It involved the audience waving their arms around in order to direct a (Volvo sponsored) car down some track avoiding....blah blah blah. Useless, ours didn't even respond to the idiots who actually attempted to play and then we all gave up, and we still came 4th out of the 10 other cinemas that were playing (read - tortured) at the same time. Anyhow, the good thing is Max and Me reckon we'd pay money to go to an interactive massive game of Buzz (music, film, general knowledge, whatever. ooh...maybe thy could switch it up on a weekly basis...the idea is endless - Prizes..."somebody stop me"..."somebody stop him please")on the big screen, with keypads etc...no film, just Sunday afternoon Buzz. So if anyone who can do that/knows somebody who can is reading this (unlikely) then get your ass in gear, and sort it out for me and max.

My toe/foot is finally healed and I'm no longer gonna bitch about not being able to walk....sweet, it only took 2 months.

I have an idea for a latte glass that I wanna put out there. You know that shitty glass like a V-shape with 1 little handle at the bottom. Too many times I've seen people wobbling around, holding the little handle and having to steady the top...well why not put another handle at the top, on the other side? Simple. Does anyone already make these? They should totally be everywhere.

Facebook - I recently added a link in my profile to this blog. If anyone is reading it after clicking on it from my Facebook then (your as geeky as me, get over it...) let me know.


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