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Friday, December 14, 2007


Some stories and thoughts on birthdays.

I'm not such a fan of having my birthday and Christmas time so close together. (I know they are two weeks apart and lots of other people have their birthdays closer to Christmas than me, including some of my friends. I wonder if they feel the same) But it winds me up, can't explain why I guess. It just does. I attempt to stop Christmas decorations going up in the house before my birthday (but fail) and I'm definitely not a fan of joint-Christmas-birthday presents. Unless I specify that I want something expensive and pool my resources just like everyone else does.

When I was a kid (read - ages 9,10 and 11) I used to think birthday parties were great. I did however think that there should be something to do...I used to get a bit tired of going round a friends house, watching some TV, eating jelly and ice cream and getting a party bag. So I decided that a theme was the way forward. I thought sport competition. (man, I was COOOOOL) I think over the 3 years that I stuck at it I had round robin subbuteo, pool, and mega drive World Cup Italia '90 tournaments. Whoo. I remember the first year I won the biggest box of Malteasers and everyone thought I'd rigged it. The next year I got my grandad to referee....the fun never stops with me... (there's fun, and there's safe, fair fun that's even better)

I think during my last year of Primary school, I had a brief girlfriend. I took her to see my mum in a play and I bought her a rose. Dunno if it was for her birthday or not. Think so.

The oddest birthday party I ever went to was when I was at high school. James Lay. Most birthday parties at the age of 15 consisted of a free house, sound system and a fridge full of beer. Easy. We (most of our form/class...when did it change from a class to a form???) went to James's house in Levington expecting a party. We turned up and then we all went for a walk. James had planned a route around the fields/woods of Levington that took about an hour. We all trudged and chatted, got lost and found out way, laughed and moaned. After ten minutes everyone got into the swing of the walk and I seem to remember, on reflection, we all realised we'd actually had a really good time.

Ages ago when I was a cruel 14-15 year old, there was a (nameless on here) girl in our class who used to get her p's and q's the wrong way round and also her b's and her d's. (I'm pretty sure it wasn't the fact she was just stupid, dyslexia or something was affecting her handwriting and spelling) Anyway, as it was all in her text book we only found out due to reading some stuff of each others out loud in a lesson one time. Shortly after finding out it was her birthday and our teacher made us sing happy birthday. I remember a few of us singing "haqqy dirthbay to you, haqqy dirthbay to you, haqqy dirthbay beer *name here*, haqqy dirthbay to you". I know its pretty cruel (well...really cruel), but we did it. I still remember it every time somebody sings the happy birthday song. Always will.

Playing a gig on my, or any ones birthday is not a cool as it seems. You have to be cohesive enough to play (or not) and you have to lug equipment and you don't want to loose it and you have to take it home..and...and. It sounds like a good idea but isn't.

Going to a gig on/around your birthday is cool though. I've seen Foo Fighters at Brixton Academy. Wicked. I took myself to Glasgow on a train and stayed on my own in a b&b to see Biffy Clyro. They played the whole of their album "Vertigo of Bliss" in full, in order. It was AMAZING. This year I was gonna go see Frank Turner but my car crapped out on the way and we had to get picked up by the AA and missed it. (That was in fact last night and I've still got the tickets in my pocket).

In my family we hardly ever get take away food as a family. Its kind of a tradition that who ever has a birthday picks a takeaway (usually KFC or a Chinese) and my parents pay. It's odd but I like it. This year however we didn't and I opted to get some lush free food from The Alex instead. (I get a managers allowance if I fill in a detailed feedback form on the quality of meal/service....sweeeeeeeet) I even got a table by the big window and some coloured napkins and some decorations on our table for two. It was just me and my mumsy and we went birthday shopping in Colchester after and I got some cool new stuff.

I like:
Hand made birthday cards.
Blank cards you write yourself.
Getting exactly what I asked for.
Surprises that I love but totally don't expect.
Meaningful presents that don't cost much.

That's all I have to say about that.


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