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Monday, December 03, 2007


Once again we converted my bedroom, the humble dwelling where I spend lots of time doing what I do, into a professional photo studio. Much like this time last year for the album artwork.

This time we needed some hi-res band shots for the PR package we're putting together. We made some phone calls to some photo places for some thick photography backing paper for the background (which we picked up for free), painted some MDF bright white for the floor, emptied my room, and moved the studio in. Flicked on two 500w industrial halogen lamps and set to work making ourselves look pretty.

We took over 700 photos in 3 hrs and generally they look pretty cool. Kev managed to fall out of sync with the move/pose/move/pose situation and was moving when me and max were posing...crazy. There are some already up in the photos section of our website. We did a whole load of individual shots for later use, they might be up later. My room is back to how it should be now, and I even got Max to vacuum for me as he made some mess.

Tonight we spent some time in front of the camera, the video kind, for some updated one:day:life interviews. We're going to be posting some video interviews of us (yes...much like the Same Old Story one, you hardcore one:day:life fans) for you to watch. I can honestly say I'm the most boring person I know...besides Max. So you're going to have a ball watching them.

Also in the last week we have recorded podcast number 4. We recorded podcast number 3 but never put it up on the website as the track at the end isn't finished.

A frenzy of media activity. Strange since my Internet has been down for the last week (due to my mum not paying the ISP bill) its been good to get out of the house. Or at least back in it but with some different stuff there.

As my Internet is back I'll get back to series 2 of Peep Show on 4OD...every episode is up there for free.


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