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Friday, February 15, 2008

Looking back

Firstly - If you see me wearing my blue stripy hoody when I'm not supposed to, dont' tell Max.

On we go..here is what actually happened...

Tuesday - Never made it to London to Daniel Kitson due to some idiot getting himself killed on the A12. We sat in the car for 3hours and turned back home approx ten miles from where we started!! Bugger. We did manage to eat a massive bag of Minstrels some crisps and 2 bottles of Coke.

Wednesday - Played battle of the bands. Got through to final. YAY! (well as yay as can be for a BOTB as they suck). The final took place on Sunday 10th of Feb and we lost miserably, as predicted as we are a pop-punk band...

Thursday - Gig in Nottingham got pulled. Interestingly enough I found out that the gig was off while I was sitting in my car in the traffic jam on the A12 Tuesday night. Its moved but all promoters say that when they pull a gig. Plus there were people we know in Nottingham coming too. (also note, I totally missed out on toast and marmalade courtesy of Lizzie). As I'm writing this I'm pretty sure I did something else on Thursday....but I can't remember it.

Friday - Still went to london just had a bit more time to get ready. Had a cool time ambling around london. Hicks came with us wearing a pair of bright red boardies. Paramore were amazing, New Found Glory had limited PA but I knew their songs well enough to cary it. No Starting Line, Kids In Glass Houses instead...poor. Shoreditch Pub and Club after. Lots of money spent, good time had. Hicks didn't get let into club wearing his shorts and they had to leave early. I managed to get back to Lauries about 5am. Yeah!

Saturday - More time spent hungover and bimbling about in london looking for stage clothes. We din't buy anything but had plenty of ideas. 6pm showing of Cloverfield, which was really really good. Honest. After that we (me and max) went for a beverage with Charlotte and Kay form the Alex. All im gonna say about that is that I had a good time.

Sunday - Really busy at work. Finish at 5pm. Pack up drive away. Totally as expected.

Monday, Tuesday and Friday spent being cool, as promised. (Wednesday got moved to the 13th so we got an extra day off...hmmm I think I spent the whole day asleep...I enjoy my total disregard for anything sometimes)

Saturday - went to my Mums play. It was actually really good. For an amature production the acting was great. The story was really good, kinda intellectual comedy about bereavement and loss. Good. It did have lots of swearing in it. I think they got in virtually every swear word I can think of except 1. Cunt. But kudos anyhow. It was odd to see my mum swear and kiss some old chap who ain't my dad but hey ho.

I have spent the last week doing much the same. Gigs, sleeping, occasional work, drinking too much coffee, reading and living.

I am now in the possession of a stripy hoody that me and Max bought. Mine is blue and black. His is grey and black. I can honestly say that we look fucking stupid wearing them at the same time so we agreed...I can wear mine on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Max on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


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