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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Aching Amplitudes

Have been back in the studio a bit recently. Is cool. I like playing guitar. Plus I got to play my new guitar, its a Faith Acoustic, in black. Its' great. The song "I am the Sun" went up exclusively for the Street Team and we're working on some new stuff to maybe release as an EP later in the year. hmmm.

I have been working, actual work, work, not band work (thats different). yep.

Got my tooth fixed, I dunno, I think it looks odd, but I'll get used to it. Better than it was anyway.

My laptop is currently going to shit, its old. It needs to go the the Laptop Hospital. (That is a new TV program with Rolf Harris)

Facebook is fun. MySpace isn't.

On the Kate Nash album there is a song called "shit song" (apt as it ain't that good...). When my mum cooks dinner, or wants me for something, and I'm in my room, she shouts up the stairs "DANIEL". Firstly my name is Dan and it winds me up(there is a point to this...hold on), secondly I'm usually listening to music or doing something and often don't hear her. In the song "Shit Song" there is a really faint sample in the verses that sounds EXACTLY like my mum shouting up the stairs "DANIEL". Annoying I think you will agree...it gets me every time.

FRANK TURNER...his new album Love, Ire and Song is great. Buy it. I did.



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