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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can I Have A Go With Gunny?

Peep Show is really good isn't it? Just agree, OK? I've been watching the new series avidly.

We, that's Kevin, Max, Hicks and I, went to see All Time Low at the Cambridge Junction yesterday and it was pretty good. Max seemed more interested in the sound guy than the bands, which speaks for its self. I thought Cobra Starship, the support band were better than they were last time we saw them (supporting Fall Out Boy) but still average.

More interestingly, probably not to you but it is to me. Ms Chuckles and I went to see Daniel Kitson again, I've said it before and I'll say it again, he is amazing, intelligent, thought provoking and yet stupidly funny all at the same time. The show was called "The Impotent Fury of the Privileged". Making us laugh about how we all know that the world is in a mess but none of us are doing enough (or possibly we're never actually able to do enough) to change it. How he managed to make that so funny for an 1hr and 45 mins, I don't understand, but he did.

The trip did slightly skew my views on public transport. 2 return fares from Ipswich to Norwich only £20. Get in! Taxi from Ipswich station to Woodbridge, £23. I fucking hate taxis. But maybe trains aren't so bad.

one:day:life are currently re-recording Brand New Enemy.

I've got a new phone, its cool. It does things. I was wondering the streets of Norwich with my unlimited data tariff and a maps application trying to locate the Norwich Arts Centre (we succeeded) which was nice.

I have just got my dates through for my bus mans holiday to France, I'll be working in a french hotel as a waiter, just like I do in sunny old Felixstowe. A bit like a butcher looking at meat brochures. That all sounds great, I leave on the 10th June and get back to England on the 24th June. I do however have to take a coach from Felixstowe to Calais. Lengthy. Hmmmm, 2 weeks near Boulogne though. (As a side note, to anyone reading this from where I work. I TOTALLY do not see the trip to France as a holiday. It is a valuable, learning experience which will benefit me and the company, for which I am extremely grateful for.)

On the opposite side of that joy, is the fact that one of my favourite bands, Say Anything, are playing in London, at a tiny little venue, the Kings Cross London Student Union, on the same day I leave. DAMN IT!!! I literally am SO GUTTED about that. Have I got a ticket to go? Yes of course. Am I going? NO...Grrrrrrrr........Think about France, think about France, think of the fun your gonna have in France Dan, say anything, France, fun, France.......


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