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Friday, June 27, 2008


So I missed Say Anything, but it was kinda worth it.

France was amazing, a little rural town about an hour from Boulogne. Check the pics here.

I spent most of my time working at the Les Tourelles Hotel, which was pretty similar to the work I do in Felixstowe, except in French. I made sure my French was up to scratch, and by the end of the two weeks, I could just about talk and get myself across properly, I'm still not fluent but I'm much better. (That's more than I can say for Luke, who still cant really speak any at all, I did have a head start though) Not much else to say about that really, apart from that we got invited back, so I might go again, but for longer next time.

The care that i went to on the last day was also perfect. Its owned and run by Pippa and Pete Derbyshire, Pippa is an Artist and The Relais-de-la Baie is a Cafe/Art Gallery in one. The cafe is a way of passing the lazy French days and the art gallery to make some money. No 2 chairs or tables match, there is no till system and no fixed price list. Well OK, there are prices on the menu but who needs that when there is only 3 meals on it. But it worked perfectly, it was charming and relaxed.

Managed to bring back a rucksack full of Cheese and Wine home.

Please don't let me get started on the appalling travel issues. OK, I've done it. 12 hours from Felixstowe - Le Crotoy. (6.45am -4hr coach-London. 11.30am-2.5hr coach-Dover. hang about for an hour. 3.15pm-1.5hour Ferry-Calais. french time 5.35pm 1h Car-Le Crotoy. Arrive at the Hotel 6.30pm.) Apparently when Dominique, the manager drives to Felixstowe it takes 4hours. Getting home was worse. The 7.30 train to Boulogne was delayed by an hour which made us miss the connection to Calais, miss the Ferry to Dover and miss the coach to London. Paid extra for a train from Dover-London and caught up with ourselves about 4.30 in time for the 4hr coach journey home.

Also travel within France was crap, i thinking that had to do with the fact we were in a remote place, but 2 buses a day? 8.30am out and 5.30pm in. I'm just gonna stop now, but you get the idea.

But I'm home again and have to go back to work and play. I was only away for two weeks but it felt like longer and I nearly didn't come back, and I'm already looking at ways to go back for longer.


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