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Sunday, September 26, 2004

sometimes you just have to wait

writers block, call it what you will, i'm stumped, i aint written a single chord for about 3 weeks. It annoys me.

Its what i do and when you cant do it, or you do and it all sounds shit you just have to wait for something worthwhile to come along.

anyway, i got my wireless pack back, it is the same one i started with, and nothing has changed, but now it works, wierd.

if any one reads max's online journal you probably won't understand any of it, i do, all of it. thats why our band works, we all understand everything about each other, if we didn't we'd fall appart so quickly...


Monday, September 13, 2004

ice bar monday

i'm so looking forward to playing at the ice bar, it should be a really cool show. back in ipswich the week before lots of student go away and leave us all again.

we are all still workin hard on getting shows wherever we can.

i'm still short of equipment, SO... i bought a one:day:life engraved plate for my guitar to keep me happy the other week, if you manage to get close enough to my guitar you will see it. it looks realy cool, and nobody else has got one, its a total one off that i had made especially for me!!

see you monday if you live anywhere near me.


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