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Thursday, November 17, 2005

School nerves

me and max have been chatting a little about the schools dates, just dawned on me just how many kids we will be playing to. I'm a tad nervous now.

in other news me and max just finished recording an acoustic version of A Life Half Lived as a new video for the website to go with ' Friends in Name Only'.

go check it out if you have the new CD already.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Music Live...

i think i had just about the best day ever yesterday. we went to music live at the birmingham nec.

1. met biffy clyro. (simon neil is like so my new best friend...ha ha)
2. got some stuff signed by biffy. (blackened sky cd inlay, marmaduke duke cd inlay)
3. saw biffy play accoustic version of a song on their new album.
4. saw Reuben play a really funny/excellent acoustic set. (dancing drummer included)
5. won a guitar from fender (not 100% confirmed yet, i'll keep you posted)

what a totally cool day...and to celebrate i watched the christchurch park fireworks with the boys and proceeded to get pretty drunk...wicked.


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