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Thursday, February 23, 2006


as you may well notice im pretty bad at this, keepin you guys up to date and all, so i thought id take some time to fill you all in on the past 3 months.

well, i had a nice christmas, and got quite drunk at new year around some friends house, i seem to remember a large bottle of cloudy brown liquid we were drinking while playing twister, it all got a little out of hand with kevs fire poi in the street at one point too, but we had a good time anyhow...

since then we have been on the first two weeks of schools touring, which i had an awesome time doing, i really like the way kids at school managed to throw their inhabitions away and have a good time while sitting down, or wearing school ties, and slippery shoes on wooden floors. I managed to loose a shoe(we have a no shoes poilicy in our van as we have carpet in it, we have to leave shoes in the footwell, and well, yeah, mine fell out!! ha ha very funny), but got it sent back to me after it being found in a school car park, i was glad as it was an expensive shoe and they dont sell them in singles. i made loads of friends but unfortunatly i made so many i forgeot most of them, whoops, i'm terrible with names/faces. thanks everyone for adding me on msn, i'm sure i will speak to you soon, but please remind me who you are as otherwise i will have to blag it and maybe i will end up looking silly...

me and the boys are curently working on loads of new songs and will be demoing them for an album in the next couple of months, its really good fun to be writing again. the new stuff is catchy as something catchy and rocky as a rock, good fun to play and no slow stuff. we are trying to have about 20 songs to choose from when we start recording the album, so i'm spending all my spare time playing my guitars and my fingers hurt a little all the time. everyone say aahhhh......aahhhh...

I've been reading books by Glen Duncan / Chuck Palahnuik if your interested, they are good.
I've been listening to Dresden Dolls, Panic! at the Disco and the Ricky Gervais (Karl Dilkington) podcasts.
I've been buying tickets to go see Giveitaname 06 (earls court), Young Knives (Colchester i think) and Fallout Boy (Brixton academy).
I have a new job at the Alex in Felixtowe as the hospital finally agreed i had to go, honourably though, contract stuff. come and say hello on a monday night as its quiet...

Right now i'm trying to book shows at more schools for next winter term, but im not havin much progress, sometimes it can be a bit of a bore, receptionists are tricky work, usually unenthusiastic about letting me speak to the teachers. Im getting on though and should get back to work.



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