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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Did I mention yet that I got back from France?? It was nice and hot, had a good time.

I completed my Easter egg hunt this morning with great success. I don't eat much chocolate so it should keep me going for ages!

We have just finished some of the demos for the new CD and well...Its tough. We have 11 possible songs atm. It looks like 4-5 of them won't be making it already, I reckon we will rework some too. All this and we are still writing more completely new songs...Didn't expect it to be this tricky, but I'm not complaining as I enjoy every minute of it (even if some practices are spent scrapping every note we play).

Nobody has said hello to me at the Alex in Felixtowe yet, I guess its a bit far for lots of you to travel (and tbh I don't work there very often!!)

I'm tired. night night


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Return to the Drum

Well as requested we played at the drum last night. It was a bit short notice but there was a good turn out. That makes me happy. Thanks to everyone who turned up, sorry to everyone who may have missed out it was a bit short notice. (I was also a little annoyed I missed get cape. wear cape. fly at furry, as it was probably one of the last times you see him for £4..but hey... )

it was great for us to play loads of new stuff, as we like to play songs live to get crowd reaction to them before we record them...(we are demoing tracks for the album in Aprill btw) It was also cool to hear you all singing along to the songs from our EP's, I don't think I will ever get bored of that.

Don't know when we will next be playing in town. I'm looking forward to some more schools at the end of Aprill. Plus I seem to be spending every waking moment booking shows for September -December atm. I'm hoping we can play in town at some point over the summer.

I'm off to the south of France to stay with my g/f's parents for the next week (with my g/f obviously). I think max is gonna get all emotional and write some lyrics for the new album about me not being around while I'm away...(pretend I'm a girl dude). I'm just checking that my flight ain't been cancelled because of the riots in France atm...


been listening to lots of new music recently (the academy is..., DFA 1979, we are scientists, new albums by yellowcard/all americann rejects. STILL listening to the arctic monkeys though..I could go on but...)

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