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Sunday, October 15, 2006


so i crashed my car.

dont you all worry, im just fine, thanks to a fully working airbag.

i missed paramore sunday night. left max in london without a ticket...

i think my car is actually gonna be ok, with a mish mash of second hand bits. (bonet, radiator, left front wing...) Its being towed home tomorrow.

I'l post a pic when i get the chance.

appart from that everything is fine, were gonna record the album for real in Nov/Dec.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I haven't posted since the begining of september. wow. thats a while. sorry kids.

Err. So Jane moved to Bristol. Anna and Sara moved to Sheffield. Laurie, Ben, Rambo moved to London, Maunder moved to Europe somewhere. I stayed right here.

Who else wats to move away? Not me, I'm too busy.

We have an album ready to record, were gonna get it out if it kills us. Either on our own or with the help from someone else.

I'm totally bummed about Jane, but music is keeping me going through it. Its been 3 weeks so far, only another 30 or so to go before she comes home. Still we have got things planned to look forward to between then and now so I know I'll be ok.

Recently had been having a good time though, playing some shows again made me happy. even if my guitars are screwed up. i need to get them sorted. cool kids, cool lessons, cool shows.

Its late, and I'm tired.


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