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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

School Show - looking after the gear

Max has got this clever new toy, by toy I mean Wireless Internet connection. Sweet.

It basically means that I get lumbered witht he job of looking after the Lifers website (Captain Diddy anyone?) and looking after the gear. (fending off school kids with a sharpie and a bannana)

good news is that, as it's Max:
1 - he pays for it.
2 - he accidentally leaves his Facebook logged in...ooh the mischief.



Friday, November 09, 2007

Car Fixage

humph...needed a new wing mirror and didn't want to pay for it.

I phoned the Peugeot auto spares and they are £30 + v.a.t - bugger that.
Ebay - £15 - £20 plus postage £5 - Nope.
The big scrapyard in town doesn't have one.

"Drive to the scrapyard in Elmsett" I hear you say, hmmmm. The one I've never heard of and doesn't have a website? The one at the bottom of the suffolk listing on Yell.com? That one?? "That sounds like a good idea. Better call them first though"

**ring ring...ring ring...**
Old Sufolk Man (OSM) - "ya' reet buh"
Me - "Hello, I'm looking for a wing mirror for a Peugeot 106"
OSM - "yeeer buh moit av un. gorrafew en buh"
Me - "Right, thats good. Have you got a drivers side one spare?"
OSM - "yull afta cum luk buh"
Me - "Ok, I'll be there soon"
OSM - "reet oh, buoi"

Look at map, looks fairly easy. (It's just past the middle of nowhere in case you wondered)

Got lost on the way, no map.

Googled the number once I managed to drive to a road where I had a signal. Call him back and ask for directions.

4.45pm - Got to the place and the 2 old chaps in sitting in a porta-cabin. In silence. OSM 1 sitting behind a desk, OSM 2 sittin in a chair by the door.

Me - "Hello, I phoned earlier about a wing mirror for a Peugeot 106"
OSM 1 (behind the desk)- "yeer buh, gorra few dun thend neer t'skips buh"

**i look about a MILE down a hill to the skips and the biggest pile of cars you've ever seen**

Me - "I'll go have a look then, have you got a screwdriver i can borrow?
OSM 1 - to OSM 2 "He want a ruddy droiver dohee Ted?"
- to Me "dint ya bring yer awn buh?"
Me - "err...no"
OSM 1 - to Ted "gerrim the set then Ted"
Ted - to Me "over ere buh"

**Ted takes me over to a knackered old car, pops the boot, there is a whole bootfull of assorted screwdrivers**

Ted - "one o thosull dooyah buh?"
Me - "Cheers"

**I take a couple and hike my way down the hill. Have a bit of a rummage and find 2 106's, one had a broken drivers side mirror, the other one is impossible to get off due to all the screws being too rusted over to screw out, so I hike back up to the porta cabin after spotting a fairly good looking 106 parcked away from all the other cars**

Me - "Hello, can't find what I'm looking for except on that red one over the other side. Can I have the one off that one?"
Ted - to OSM 1 "wotya reck?"
OSM 1 - to Ted 2 "ah dunt care buh, worrevuh"
Ted - to Me "yeer go awhn thun buh"
Me - to Ted "Before I go back down there, how much is it going to cost?
Ted - to OSM 1 "wotya reck?"
OSM 1 - "tenner buh"
Me - "Cool. Back in a sec"

**It's now dark and cold, about 5.15pm and I have to take off the wing mirror in the dark. I use the light on my phone and have to hold it in my mouth as the interior light is broken. My fingers ache... I Trudge my way back to the porta-cabin and hand over the tenner**

Me - "Bye then, thanks"
OSM 1 - "reet buh, buoi"
Ted - "buoi son"

The two chaps seem happy to go back to sitting silence, as I walk off.

I arrive home at 6pm after getting stuck in a crapload of traffic at 5.30. But I do have a new wing mirror for £10


Monday, November 05, 2007


So the fireworks were a bit of a wash out...**sad face** (emoticons are so last summer) We got to the park with 5 mins to spare, watched the fireworks (which were really good), handed about about million flyers to the kids at the fairground and bailed. Just me and Max, nobody else wanted to/managed to turn up. Shame, I got all miserable.

We did however catch the late showing of Saw IV, really good, definitely recommend watching I, II, and III first, as there are a few tie-ins. A bit of late night gore to cheer me up. Cineworld stop serving hot dogs before we got there so I had to eat a crap load of popcorn as I was starving...

Work 8.30 on Sunday, got a nice surprise in my tray which made my day. **Finish work at 6pm** Dinner at the Ship in Levington made my evening.

I was supposed to be going to watch Daniel Kitson (pick up his podcast feed, its funny) at the Hob in London, but I'm going next week instead. He is funny and trialing stuff for his new stand up show for a few nights. I've been wanting to catch him live for ages, so I'm pretty excited about it.

We have a radio session to do Monday night, should be fun. I'm sure we will post the details of how to listen to it.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Gravemakers and Gunslingers

Aquired lots of new music the other day, latest albums by All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Coheed and Cambria and Say Anything. All very good, I'll repeat that for the sake of C&C and SA, Very good (capital V..).

Mayday parade were recommended to my by amazon btw. Its good, very similar to All Time Low.

Fireworks tonight, Yippee!!! Set to the music of queen, I'm sure they have done that before but it's a classic approach anyhow. If they manage to top the James Bond theme from last year with A helicopter and an exploding car I'll be tres impressed. Incase you didn't guess I'm a BIG fan of fireworks night...BANG!!! whoo...BANG!!! arrhh...BANGBANGBANGBANG!!! WHOOOAARRRHH! love it.


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