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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Since joining ODL in OCT 2004 we've come a long way... I find it hard to remember how things used to be, as so much has changed... and still is. We all have new equipment and have become more efficient at packing it away for shows. We are starting to play shows a lot more reglarly and more away from home, and now we are fixing the daff (band van) up so we can take a crew along to shows.
We have managed put a new bulk head in (the wooden partition separating cab from equipment store), and have just picked up the two seats for the back. This will now make the van able to carry 7 people, that's 4 crew and us!!
In my spare time in the last year, I've managed to buy an MG Midget (30 year old) and break the gear box, then replace it, and fix up lots of bits on it.
For the first two weeks of July I will be away in France with my girlfriend (Mack) so we can drive the car on the wrong side of the road.
The next big step for us is recording with our own studio... I'm really looking forward to recording, because it means you can all hear the new songs that no one ever knows the words to!
I will try to keep you all posted, but I don't think anyone ever reads these things, so prove me wrong and tell me!!

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