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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stick it to da man

Back from off our January schools tour, and it was great.
Everything went as planned and we all had a great time, tho i wasn't expecting the physical side of things to be so hard.
During the first week of the tour, on the second day, i developed a shoulder muscle pain. This eventualy grew worse and my drumming suffered, but with lots of deap heat, lots of stretching and lots of tlc, it got better, and by the last day of tour i was ok.
But after our last day of tour i fell ill, from playing so much my body was in a weekened state, and by the sat we were home, i had flu.
5 days in bed and a lot of rest, i'm now fine, looking 4rd to playing drums again in full fit condition.
Next tour in march, i will be a lot more prepaired and have to have a lot more energy drinks and food to keep my levels up.
A big thank you to everyone i met on tour, and to everyone i spoke to. You all made it a fantastic january and i wouldn't have got through the tour with out you.

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