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Monday, November 21, 2005

New CD

We've just got back from our first schools date, and it was really gr8. The kids enjoyed it, we played a strong set, and the teachers seemed interested too.
The van wasn't the comfiest places to sleep the night b4, but was worth it as we didn't need to wake up early.

It was a really good gig in the pool club on friday too.
Everything is going well. The new CD is out now, and its really good, i'm so pleased with the recording and the artwork, and £3 is a fair price :-)

I need to do some kit maintance soon, i've been with out my OCDP snare for ages, i'm waiting on relpacement lugs from OCDP, but looking 4rd to playing her again after such a while with out it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

some mothers do 'ave 'em

Well, it's been a fun past few weeks, not played any shows but have writen some good new songs and been talking about the schools tour lots.
Music live was ok, not many drum stands there and i didn't catch any exciting seminars... It was classic car show there too, so the car park was cool (see pic).
Gracie has some problems, i'm not sure what yet, but its fuel related as it keeps cutting out, hope i get a chance to work on it this weekend.
I'm also on cloud 9 at the moment as i've met the most amazing girl (you know who you are). Every thing just seems to be going smooth, even behind the back poi ;-)

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