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Monday, February 02, 2009

Breakin's what the hearts for

So its been a little while, so i thought i'd update you on a few things.

First of all i thought i'd share with you some cool videos that have been apearing on youtube... Not uploaded by us, but by some fans. There is a good one of the new song "get it on", so please check it out and comment.

Secondly, i'd like to tell you all that my drum kit is now set up with electronics. A big thanks has to go to Colin at Jobeky Drums for helping me out with the setup because it really kicks ass now. I have a trigger on my bass drum so i can play a fake sounding boomy bass when needed, and also have a 12" electric snare that looks like a real drum. This means we can now drop out of songs into disco beats and more!
We are still working on more electronic sounds to put into the live show, but it'll be cool!

Lastly, the tour van is almost done. I had to change the Ball Joint on it last month as it was squeeking louldly... but now thats done i can conccentrate on the internals, like getting our heated blankets working. We might need them soon as there seems to be a few inches of snow outside!! lol

Catch you all soon


Oh, and if you get a chance, please check out Jobekys web page as they rock!

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