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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Work and home shouldn't have the same meaning..

I seem to be spending more and more time at work at the moment. I've been working 8 till 6 for the past week now and my desk is beginning to feel like home. I figured "hey, if it feels like home, why not make it more like home?". So i'm now pretty much doing as much lifers work as i physically can from my computer at work (without actually reducing the amount of work i do for my job), and that's where this blog is coming from as well.
My work is a bit out of town so at the moment the only thing keeping me sane are the emails i get to send to people. Thankfully i have friends in the same situation as me so we seem to keep each other company. If you're reading this and you're bored drop me a line at james@thelifers.co.uk and you can keep entertained during my day at work :).
I keep in contact with Max as much as i can while i'm at work to make sure i am running things right on the street team, and i think it will really help get things going now i can spend more time concentrating on it.
I've recently had news from Matt that one:day:life got featured on one of the podcasts he often listens to. Nice one Matt. Points coming your way, and you know what, I've just had an idea for a new street team task!

Update again soon, with new tasks

Captain Hicks


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