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Thursday, January 10, 2008

operations bore me

i just had an operation over the weekend and so i'm stuck at home all this week and possibly next week while i recover. it's well annoying, and I'm getting bored out of my mind. i can't play my drums for about 3 weeks so I'm getting really agitated. i pretty much spend my time playing call of duty 3 on my xbox. which is cool but not really what i was planning to achieve with my new year...
i saw one day life in my home town for the first time in ages the other day. i was a bit late for the show but i caught their last few songs and i managed to get some people to dance so that was wicked. :). haven't had a good dance at a show for a while. now i'm saving all my energy to see coheed at the end of this month
woohooo xD

email me if you get bored- i need contact witht he outside world


happy new year


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