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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is this what we have left?

So while phoning around and trying to sort out insurance for our tour van, I watched most of Gene Simmons talking to Bob Lefsetz at Canadian Music Week '09. It did not inspire me for the future of the music industry. If you're bored, you can watch the whole thing here

I tried reading Bob Lefsetz's email blog for a while, but it was just too rambling and vague. I talk too much, but if that guy could take a leaf out of Seth Godin's blog and just write simple, concise opinions and we'd all get along better.

Anyway, new songs are back from San Diego where they've been mastered and there are just a couple of edits currently being made. Like I said on Twitter, they will be up for sale as soon as physically possible.  They are the last songs to be made with the old studio.  We have already started tracking new songs on the new system and I can already hear the difference.

We are working on a new area of the website, where you will be able to hear new songs straight from rehearsals.  The moment they are done we will be posting them up on the website.

One of the coolest things we are working on is a song called "Life, Stuck On Repeat" which has a full horn section.  This one is kinda my baby as a lot of it will be using computer production rather than just recording us playing live, like most of our songs are.

I am re-writing the lyrics and parts of the melody for the song which is at the end of this month's podcast which was called "The Girl Who Stole The World".  I can't seem to get a grip on it at the moment, but it'll come, just need more coffee and liberal use of the "repeat" button on my iPod.

Max x

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