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Monday, March 16, 2009

iTunes Top 30 Most Played Songs

Livin' Th' Dream - You, Me, And Everyone We Know
Everybody Knows - McFly
Smile - McFly
Stuck Between Stations - The Hold Steady
Do Ya - McFly
Fascination - Alphabeat
Catch Me if You Can/Proclamation of Emaciation (featuring Travis from Gym Class Heroes) - Fall Out Boy
One For The Radio - McFly
Beat It - Fall Out Boy
POV - McFly
The (Shipped) Gold Standard - Fall Out Boy
Chips Ahoy! - The Hold Steady
Falling In Love - McFly
Corrupted - McFly
That's How You Know (As Used In The Film Enchanted) - Alan Menken
Going Through The Motions - McFly
Hot Soft Light - The Hold Steady
The Last Song - McFly
I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous - Frank Turner
A Walk Through Hell - Say Anything
(Coffee's For Closers) - Fall Out Boy
Hey Beautiful - The Solids
Friday Night - McFly
ALPHAdog and OMEGAlomaniac (demo) - Fall Out Boy
Lake Effect Kid (demo) - Fall Out Boy
Happy Working Song (As Used In The Film Enchanted) - Alan Menken
Same Kooks - The Hold Steady
Sugar, We're Goin' Down - Fall Out Boy
Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry
You Help Them - Say Anything

No surprises in here if you've ever met me. Newest entries by far are "The (Shipped) Gold Standard" and "(Coffee's For Closers)" as I've become a little addicted to those songs.

New Kelly Clarkson album is good, even though I've only listened once so far. New Taylor Swift album is ok, lyrics are little too pop even for me, but some good melodies I guess. The latest New Found Glory album rocks, but we all knew that was gonna happen.

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