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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Quick update from my phone..

Been really busy recently, with both band stuff and a bunch of other stuff. I want to post up some information about the stuff we did recently with vodafone, but I think that's too much to type on my phone, even if I am addicted to this little keyboard. I will write about it when I make it back to a computer.

Today has been rehearsal for the two shows we have this Friday (one schools show during the day, then a private party at night which is why it's not on the website), then back to my little mixing room to work. It's sooooo good to finally get round to mixing in there after spending so long working on it. I am working on a song called "The Girl Who Stole The World", but I think it'll get renamed before being released. It's actually turning out to be one of the hardest things I've attempted to mix so far. It's a super-fast rhythm in the verse's, along with quite a sparse guitar part (it's not playing much at all) and it then has to end up in a massive sounding chorus with a totally different feel. My new room means I am pushing to make it sound better than our last mixes, but it's so hard when you are learning by trial and error. Gonna keep going and hopefully it'll end up awesome.

I'll post up more when I can, or when I get five minutes on my phone. By the way, if you are on Twitter please follow us at www.twitter.com/onedaylife

Max x

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