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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

No-one sleeps 'til we get this sh*t out on the shelf...


Everything is coming together. It's amazing how a whole load of individual ideas can finally just merge together to make a complete package, it always seems to happen at the very last minute...I love being able to say that we had full control over everything we made for this CD. The three of us sat and went through how the CD packaging would look, down to each individual sentence. I know that some bigger bands wish they had the time to do stuff like that, and I do appreciate it, but of course i wish we were big enough not to have the time ;o)

Today is the date that we were due to have everything finished but, as ever, we are a little behind and there is still some video editing and graphic stuff to finish off so it looks like another late night for me.

There is absolutely zero promotion set up at the moment so it looks as if there will be quite a few late nights on the horizon getting all that ready. There are some very cool things coming...both for the CD and from me personally, early stages right now but i'm getting excited and that's what counts.


Friday, June 25, 2004

New songs...

I'm typing this as I wait for a new video for the website to be made - it's a pretty simple video - just me, dan and an acoustic guitar. The song we are playing is one of the three that we have written in the last few weeks and all three sound really cool, and pretty different from one another. If anything, two of them are slightly heavier than we usually like to go, but that's fine with me - if that's how we felt at the time then that's how it turns out.

We have our first show for a little while at the weekend and I can't wait to get back to playing - it's been way too long since our last proper show (we have done a couple of charity events, but nothing with a crowd to get us through).

Things are coming together for the CD release and i will hopefully be able to stick to the date that I set for myself...I won't post it up here just yet in case I don't make it ;o)

Monday, June 21, 2004

Too Little Too Late

Been working as hard as I can on the enhanced CD - it is looking amazing but everything is taking longer than i'd expected and it's really frustrating. We have now finished all the footage for the videos, the only thing left to do is edit them and they'll be ready to go.

One thing I love about all of this is the amount things i get to try - one minute i'll be director/cameraman/editor for the videos, next i'll be on the phone sorting out some of the business side of the band and then at night it's off to rehearsal to do what we do best - play music. Working in a repetitive job would crush me - i need to be passionate about the things i do, and i pour myself completely into ODL and everything surrounding it. i'm always all or nothing.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Long day...

Just about to crawl into bed after a really long day which involved spending time with loads of old friends, who i owe more than they will know.

Started the morning with a quick photo-shoot for the new online store where we'll be selling stuff from the website...the girls i asked were all stars and they looked awesome with our stuff on. I remember the first time a girl that I had never met before bought an ODL top and stuck it on before we played - it was a really cool feeling to know that they liked us (i still have her photo too).

Spent the afternoon hanging out with the girls - they are good friends and they remind me that this place isn't so bad. Sometimes I love talking about things that don't matter and sometimes I hate it - today was cool and we talked about nothing for ages.

Back to business at night with rehearsal. New songs sound amazing, despite Kev still not being up to 100% with his injuries...he is still one of the best drummers i've seen. Recorded a quick acoustic for the site - will be up in the next few days if we get enough other stuff done.

Enough for now, it's late.

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