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Friday, August 20, 2004

Say cheese...

The camcorder has been sent off to get fixed so we have nothing but a camera to take down to Bournemouth with us this weekend. I will try and take photos of everyone, but i'll probably forget.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Power cut.

Today pretty much sucked as two guys working down some huge hole on my street sliced their way through a power cable and my house got it's electricity cut off pretty much as soon as i woke up. Everything i own is electrical, and i am on my computer a lot, working, messing around and chatting to friends. Not today.

Got some stuff ready for the weekend. Looking forward to the shows a lot. I'll let you know how they go.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It's broken.

The video camera is broken, so there haven't been any videos up on the site for a little while. I will get it fixed in the next few days and I promise to work my ass off and get you guys on the site.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Looking for distraction

Don't be surprised if you see the words i write here appear in your (my) new favourite song. They hang around in my head until i drop them into conversations and songs. I am always looking for distraction and right now you're it.

New songs...

We are in the middle of a three week break without a show, which is kind of a drag, but we have got our asses into gear and been working on some new songs. I know some bands have a set way of writing songs, but we have never really been like that - each one will start in it's own way and we'll all contribute ideas until we feel that it's done. I never really feel like a song is fully finished until we've played it live a few times.
All Tomorrow's Parties was a result of us walking into a rehearsal with nothing written, not one note. Dan came up with the little riff on the spot and we went from there. We originally wrote it with a much more complex structure, more stops and different rhythms but it just sounded too busy so we simplified it to make it more fun to play and easier to listen to.
We're going through the same process right now with a new track. We started with the bare bones of the song, we decide what works and what doesn't, then we go through, section by section, trying out different ideas until we all feel it's exactly what we want to hear. I must have played the middle 8 of the new song hundreds of times tonight, but it was worth it - check out Kev's drumming when you see it live...he has to push himself hard but it sounds awesome. I love things like that - special parts that will set the song apart from other bands.
Even the simplest songs by bands have been worked on for hours (well, i am just guessing that every band does it - i don't know, but i know the song that we started with was nowhere near as exciting to play or listen to as it is now - it's all the added extras that you might not even notice that make a song so cool.)
I hope you like the new stuff, we worked hard to make it right.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Screwing things up, the only way I know how...

Well, i'm not going to go into it here and now. Let's just say that I got it wrong, or at least I did the wrong thing. I find it odd that I am the kind of person that can be so passionate about music, my band and those close to me and yet I can be so indifferent to the rest of my life. It's like a weird sort of tunnel-vision that means I am sometimes more of a spectator to my antics than you are.

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