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Thursday, October 21, 2004


I am getting more and more addicted to www.deviantart.com - go check it out, it's a massive art community where you can sit for hours and browse other peoples work. Some of them leave me in awe.

In other news, things have been plodding along pretty steadily. No major news which sucks, but no major disasters which can only be a good thing. I'll let you know as soon as i screw up the next part of my life...you get front row tickets, promise.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Best Laid Plans

First of all, a quick rewind to last Friday. We played an awesome home-town show and seeing so many friends under one roof was very cool. All the bands were cool, go check out Kneehigh, they deserve your time. I said a load of thank you's on the night and on the postboard, so i'm done now, people know how grateful i am anyway...well it's more than that.

Fast-forward again - we have got some really cool stuff planned. Really cool. It's gonna be so exciting when you get to see the stuff that we're planning at the moment, but it's a long way off yet. We are just thinking aloud and bouncing ideas off each other, which is always a great thing to do. Sometimes we can finish each others sentences, but it's more important that we can fill in bits that the others can't think of, it means we work better.

I've been feeling really positive about the amount of practical things that are happening for the future...it's like i'm building something up that is one day gonna turn into my life, and it's exciting.

Ok, so this probably makes no sense as i'm not going into any detail, but when you all see what we come up with, you'll be glad we did it. promise.


Friday, October 01, 2004

Kiss And Make Up (All Bets Are Off)

So, i go over to see my sister a couple of days ago and she's dropping bombshells like names. I don't want to go into details (that's not entirely true, i'd tell you everything, but they aren't my lies to tell) but it just proved even further that situations are always more complicated than they seem. I tried to take it in my stride, there's not much else I can do.

Ok, less about my simple life and more about what matters. New songs are the order of the day at the moment, with one just finished (waiting for lyrics) we already have the bare-bones of another laid down. We are using some different song structures in the new stuff - nothing too complex, just a slightly different order to the songs. It's a fine line making sure that the song is accessible, hooky and instant while still moving parts around. It's sounding awesome though, so check them out when we get round to playing them live.

Don't worry about me, i'm fine. It's the rest of them that are falling apart at the seams.

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