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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Am still in recovery from spending the weekend up north with our friends and going to see Blink 182 play at Nottingham Arena. It was a stunning show. The last time we caught Blink was at Wembley last time they toured in this country and it was before they had really started touring the last album in earnest so some of the songs were a little rough around the edges. This time there was a big stage show with huge screens and the pre-production rehearsals and months of shows meant that the whole thing was a lot more polished. I had a really good time at the shows and hanging out with friends was cool...it was Dan's birthday while we were away and we all got drunk and got ourselves into trouble :o)

Have some shows booked over xmas - if you make it along to any of them, we'll be playing at least three new songs (none of which are finished as I write this) but they will be polished and ready to go for you.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

3am....outside your house....see you there.

"It's not about the name of the boy on your arm,
or the name of the band on your t-shirt."
© Me, about an hour and a half ago.

Ok, so it turns out i have chronic pharyngitis. Basically, this means that my tonsils are constantly inflamed with a low-grade infection. My voicebox and vocal chords are fine (which is a relief to say the least) but i might need to have my tonsils out next year if it doesn't settle down on it's own. I hope it does. It's not contagious or anything, so you can still come and say hi if you see me.

It sucked having the camera thing in my throat, my eyes streamed and it hurt to swallow....it was the feeling you get when you're about to cry and trying really hard not to....you know exactly what i mean, i know you do.

New songs are still being written, but we're not rushing or forgetting to scrap most of what we do so we can do it better next time round. The song from tonight has already been tried a couple of ways, but we took parts out and added parts in until it came out right. Wait for the ending, it's gonna be good.

"And nothing matters anymore..nothing matters anymore."
© Someone who took the words right out of my mouth.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Motive, Means and Opportunity

Sorry about the lack of a post for a while.. I should probably come up with some sort of excuse, but that's not really my strong point.

I'm just about to grab some sleep although recently going to bed seems to involve an hour or two of lying awake with my mind racing. My thoughts fly through a thousand different things over and over again. Probably the most recurring thought is the frustration i feel at myself at how little i've achieved in that day. I always moan about there not being enough hours in the day, but then i waste the precious few that i have. I am determined to sabotage myself in every possible way and i hate myself for it. I guess the time i spend lying awake at night is my penance and writing, whether it's songs, this journal, emailing friends or whatever is my therapy.

Back to the subject (although i'm never sure if i am the subject of this journal, or if it's just what i do with ODL, i guess it falls somewhere in between). Things are slowing slightly towards xmas which sucks, I am trying my best to keep up a sense of momentum. i am getting in touch with summer events so that we can get some things booked and I am still getting in touch with promoters, although that has been slow going....my constant distraction has been getting in the way, I need someone to shout at me and keep me going. Email me, tell me to get my arse in gear.

Things are good though, even our rejection emails have been really positive (i know, it's a pretty distant bright-side, but you've gotta find one somewhere). There are more people adding me to MSN which is cool - people we met at shows who say hello and chat to me while I am getting bored working. We are also on MySpace and I think we're getting added to some other things. Sorry if i don't post on them as often as i should, just add it to the list of things i am feeling bad about.
It's very cool that this band comes with so many opportunities to meet people attached. I don't think we always use that as much as we should, the three of us often stick to what we know, but i'm really trying to break old habits and do new things....just bear with me.

I have to go to the doctors tomorrow and have a little camera stuck down my throat to check out my vocal chords. I'm more than a little nervous about it...more about what they are going to tell me than having the little thing stuck up my nose. I am a sucker for a good bombshell, but i'm the first to run for cover when they hit....i'll let you know what happens.


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