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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Your name here.

"Hey dude look - that girl over there has a broken heart on her chest....did u date her too?"

I think it's been a little while since I last posted, which is my fault entirely. I actually sat down and wrote a post a few days ago but after I re-read it, I decided not to post it. That happens with a pretty big percentage of anything I write, it gets thrown away. I must have destroyed rainforests worth of paper while coming up with lyrics to songs that never even got written.

So how have you been? Good, I hope...better than me at least. Before I get into anything major there are a couple of people who will be looking for their name between these lines...don't even bother, right now i'm strictly business.

Band stuff first, we have a load of unconfirmed shows ready to get posted once they are sorted. The shows are slowly building up after we chased up a lot of older demo's that we sent out...we haven't sent much out for a while coz we've been so busy sorting out the old contacts we made but never followed up (yeah, it was my fault, do we need to bring that up right now??). Once we get all those underway (finally be done this week) we will be looking for new shows with new people so we are working hard, it probably doesn't look like it, but i'm not really a big liar so you can believe what you want.

The studio is properly up and running. We recorded with a band from our home-town as a tester for how things are gonna work and it went pretty well...we learned a lot but deep ends are my speciality so we're gonna be out there doing it for real very soon.

We are finishing production notes on our new songs on Thursday and tracking will probably start next week (I don't know when exactly). Some tracks that don't make it to the CD will probably be posted on the secret site from Same Old Story so that you get even more for your money from the last CD.

We are already looking at artwork and merch for the new CD - I loved our last artwork and this needs to be as good, otherwise what's the point? If you have any ideas or you wanna take it on then email me/us.

As well as cool band work, there are also all the day-to-day job that i'm gradually getting done....I know there was a question about videos on the forum somewhere - we have so much footage that there will probably be one new vid up on the site and one up on the Same Old Story site too. I'm sorry that is taking me so long, but new shows kinda took priority.

Ok, I wanna move onto a more personal note (i'm probably crossing lines by posting that stuff up on here, but this is all i'm writing at this moment so it goes here). Someone in my family was involved in a car accident a couple of days ago and I just want them to know that I am thinking about them and I hope they recover quickly. I don't always get to see all my family as much as i'd like but they are always gonna be part of me and I hope they all know i love them even if i don't get to see them all that often.

Ok, I better go and get on with whatever the hell it is i do.

If you were searching for your name between lines, stick around, i'll make sure the next words off my fingertips will be about you.

Max x

Friday, May 06, 2005

I am the new black.

I'm not sure why people have the impression that I am holding it together, i'm just about keeping it going day-to-day like everyone else is. Blagging most of it like I know what's what and who's who. Still, I do a good job of it.

Demos are all done, you'll probably hear one as the sound track of the next video on the site (long time coming doesn't even come close). I am just off to burn the un-mixed, un-edited songs onto CD for each of us to carry around and make notes on.

Demos sounds so empty sometimes, but that's their nature. The whole reason they exist is so your head can come up with all the extra parts that are gonna be in there somewhere. Most bands without a deal don't get the time to work on their recordings like this, so we are lucky. Having time to consider each song is worth it's weight in gold.

In other news, the silence in the air at 2am in the middle of nowhere is amazing, i was there the other day and i loved it. I hope anyone old enough got off their asses and went to vote, i don't wanna go into politics on here, there are other places for that, just to say that it's important you expressed your opinion and freedom by voting.

The alarm is going into the van tomorrow - four new seats are already installed and looking good....if you wanna ride to a show and you know us, just ask. You'll have to help out with selling merch, loading etc. but you get a free ride and we'll probably sing along to NFG and Busted like we normally do.

Thank you to everyone at the show last Friday, it was a hot one - I came close to passing out a couple of times, but nothing new there. the whole thing passed without any problems which made me feel a whole lot better.

We'll decide when tracking the new CD starts soon and i'll let you know. If you know anyone that can help us out out with artwork or merch designs then drop us an email or post up on the forums.

Ok, time to go and pretend to know what i'm doing.

Max x

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