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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Keep your own secrets.

If you've ever felt like you are alone, please go here and see that you are not.

Max xxx

Sunday, June 26, 2005

You know the drill...

Drum tracks are done. Officially. Kev has been working his ass off over the last couple of weeks to get it all finished and it's been pretty tough at some points, but altogether a really cool recording session.
I'll tell you one thing, sometimes it's just on. Most times, you can work at it to get it sounding good, or push someone harder to get it out of them, but sometimes it is just 100% on and the takes just flow as if it was never a problem. Those are the best takes, and we've tried to get as many of them as we can. That's the luxury we have i guess, there were a couple of times recording drums that it just wasn't feeling right so we got up and walked away. If we were on the clock that just wouldn't happen.

We went out last night to celebrate and had a good laugh, hung out with friends and we had to help dan home so you know we had fun :o)

Next comes bass parts, which will be quicker than drums but not altogether simple. I don't have any major, complex parts, but sometimes it's not about that, it's just about making sure everything sounds exactly how we want.

We have our first rehearsal in a little while tonight for the show on thursday - Kev will probably be on form due to having drummed non-stop for two weeks...dan and i will just have to catch up. Looking forward to it though, we'll see you there. Oh, and hi to everyone on MySpace that is coming, I do read that page when I can, i'll post something up there at some point.

Ok, after all the practical stuff, I think this is the bit where i'm supposed to say your name, or aim something at you, but I got nothing. Not right now anyway.

Max xxx

p.s. We got word of something cool on the horizon for later in the year, but it's touch and go if it'll happen so cross whatever you got for us. I'll tell you if and when it's on.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

There's a drawing board???

Little bit demoralizing the other night, when we come to do the drum part for one of the new tracks and Kev comments that it sounds a little rushed..the tempo is too fast. We decide, being the conscientious boys that we are to go back over all the songs and double-check that we like the tempos we have used. Subsequently, we have now scrapped four of the songs and are now re-recording them. I knew I spoke too soon about being ahead of schedule. Oh well, we just keep going, I am off down to the studio in about an hour to start again.

We took a break last night as Kev had some family commitments that meant he couldn't record (although we still found time to check all the new tempos, dedicated eh? ;o)
I hung out with friends instead, some of whom I haven't seen in a really long time. It's odd how everyone is now starting to head in their own direction. I noticed it last summer, but this year it's more pronounced, the gaps don't necessarily grow bigger, just the effort we make to bridge them. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, or that it bothers me, just that John Lennon was probably right, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Don't worry about me though, I'm taking plenty of time to stop and smell the roses.

So I gotta go and get some jobs done before I head back to the studio, so i'll catch you later.

Max x

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Say cheese.....

Studio update first:
We are running ahead of ourselves on the drum tracks. This pretty much never happens to us, so it's uncharted territory from here on in. We only have four or five songs left to track on the drums (although with this extra time we may be going back over some parts) and we have a week left of what we put aside to do it.

Two songs have been taken off the list to be recorded as we're not entirely happy with them. We played one of them at a home-town show recently and that'll be the one-and-only time it ever gets played live like that...we are gonna rip it apart, take the bits we like and start again. It'll be better or we'll scrap it completely. If the three of us aren't happy with it then it doesn't happen.

To say that working with your own studio is cool is the biggest understatement. Example: Saturday afternoon of one of the hottest days of the year. We are in the middle of tracking drums but Kev has some stuff to do so he ducks out for a couple of hours. Me, Dan and Maunder (our friend and superstar recording engineer) head to the park and play frisbee(sp?), grab ice-cream and catch the shade (we couldn't be whiter if we tried.) Couple of hours later we decide we are ready to work again and it's back to tracking drums. Stress levels: low. Fuck yeah.

Completely unrelated update:
As a break from recording (aside from frisbee), went to check out Batman Begins at the cinema. It was soooo cool. I am a full-time geek and a part-time Batman fan but it blew me away from start to finish. Go check it out.

Also been getting hold of a lot of new music recently. Some of it I bought and some are copies of other people's CD's (yeah, stealing music is bad, but i'm addicted to new songs that i have to fall in love with.) The new Foo Fighters album rocks (ok, i'm a massive fan but it's good for everyone), new Starting Line is very cool, new Funeral is good (i think i need to listen to it a bit more to like it as much as the older stuff, new Kneehigh is a little slow for me but 'Alone' more than makes up for it.

Personal Update:
Big changes still on the way. Think I have a handle on it all though. I'm fine as long as I can see something coming. Planning is definitely a strongpoint of mine, it's when things come out of the blue that I get completely screwed over.

My new nick-name is Skillz. Say it out loud 10 times to help you remember.

Oh, and you know what, if you couldn't even look up and smile, then this is the end of it all.

Skillz xxx

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I've got big, big plans, and they've got to mean more...

Wow, ok...big changes are on the way. I am moving house in a few weeks, which is pretty weird coz i've lived in the same house for about 13 years. Late last night I walked to my bedroom without bothering to turn any lights on as I went, i know every step in the place so well that moving will probably mean I either have to start flicking light switches or end up with broken bones and concussions.

So, if you know me personally, drop me a line and i'll let you know my new details...it's not far from my current house, but next door would seem like a million miles. I'm not sad, worried or scared about change...it's definitely time, but it just sets you reflecting i guess.

So, onto band stuff, as amongst the rest of my life we are making a new record, which is keeping me occupied and excited at the same time. Kev is currently spending all his nights recording drum takes. He ends up completely knackered and is pushing himself pretty hard (we still have another week or so to go so he'll be pushing even harder by the end). It's worth it though as they are sounding good.

In 5 nights we have got four tracks down (although one is probably gonna get re-done when we move the drum kit around towards the end of the sessions). Making a recording is pretty time consuming, but so cool when things are going right. I'll post back more info about it when we get more done.

Onto other things, if anyone is interested I will be publishing the first in a series of fictional stories over at DeviantArt soon - I will post a link when it goes up. The story was originally intended to have it's own website, which will happen at some point, but my spare time is very much lacking so I'll post it up at DA first and then move it when it's established.

That's it for now I think,

Max xx

Monday, June 13, 2005

Max - onedaylife.co.uk says:

Hey, this is all band stuff, so if you're looking for your name next to mine, switch off now.

Home-town show last night (that's Saturday night for anyone not paying attention) was awesome. For anyone that wasn't sweating their asses off along with us, (how the hell does that place get so hot??...normally stage lights are to blame....but they don't even have room lights, let alone anything else) we played mostly new tracks. Sorry if they were a little shaky but we never want to be the band that always turns out the same set of songs night after night...just not our style. We're from the MTV generation, our attention spans are probably shorter than yours.

Thank you to everyone that spoke to me after the show, (Lizzie and James - I got your photo, I will make sure it gets posted up) to Kenzie and Aiden for running our camera, Kayleigh for taking photos of the three people in her immediate vicinity and everyone else that helped us out/got injured while moshing/just came and watched.

Some of the tracks hadn't even been played live yet (yeah...we could tell too)... but a HUGE thank you to the people that picked up the hook to one of the new songs after the first couple of choruses and were already singing along by the end. That is so fucking cool you have no idea.

Any faces that got on the camera will be in the next video (which will probably be half live/half studio....which leads me neatly into what we got up to today...

Spent the morning getting our rehearsal room ready for recording...which meant moving a load of heavy equipment (not my favourite job) and then getting kev's kit set up with loads of blankets/pillows/acoustic panels/duvets/hoody's/loads of other padded stuff placed around it. The room sounds really dead and it's little spooky, we are used to it being full of our junk and rattling and rumbling as we all play (my bass amp makes the door shake which makes me smile).

Then we spent hours trying different microphones and moving them around to make sure everything sounds just right...it's pretty boring, but i love it. It completely sums me up.

The next few days will consist of telling Kev to play the songs over and over, but i like bossing him around so it's a cool job to have ;o)

I gotta go as my favourite distraction is calling.

Max xx

Friday, June 10, 2005

"I'm Lookin For The Lesbians..."

Hey, long time without a post but I was on the forums for the past couple of days so i've been around. New video posted up on Monday, everyone who I spoke to seemed to like it...we only get a rough idea of how many people watch the videos but it makes it worth posting them up. Go tell people you know to check it out.

I'm already looking forward to the show on Saturday, I hope everything runs smoothly, take care of yourself and your friends if you are going, it's not the nicest part of town. As soon as we get back from the show, we are straight into recording mode. All our stuff will be packed into a corner and Kev will be laying down drum parts for a couple of weeks. We'll get down as many songs as we can and then chose what we want to do with each song.

Lyrics have been coming a little easier recently, i am almost up-to-date altho every time i say that we end up writing a whole load of songs and I have to catch up again.

Ok, i'm gonna get back to work, but thank you for checking us out, whether you know us, or if you've just found the site, we appreciate it.

Max x

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The fine line between safe and sorry

Sorry about the delay, but my head and heels have been working overtime lately and we've been making sure that these sunrises aren't going to waste.

Band stuff first. Thank you to everyone at the last-minute show on Monday night, we didn't even post it up on the site but there were friendly faces all round so it was all good. Looking forward to catching up with the guys in Cousin Joey this weekend and seeing how things are going for them and checking out their new songs. I always find myself privileged to know bands personally that I am actually a fan of. There are at least three shows to go up on the site in the next few days, and some more out-of-towns to be posted in the next week or two.

We have new plans for shows that I don't want to mention yet but we've been chatting with a few people about them and that is always the way the best things happen. We never rush into anything unprepared. Take the studio for example, we discussed the idea, did the research, planned it out and then made it happen. I love that about our band, we don't just chat idly about stuff, there is usually a chance that most of the good ideas (we come up with a hell of a lot of bad ones) will actually get done.

My stuff second. I've been having a blast recently...to the point of spending more time in the warm glow of my TV at 4am than in daylight. Worth every second. Easily. I'll keep the words close to my chest for now, they aren't for here and now - they are more for the sound of my voice keeping quiet in the early hours of the morning.

Yeah, i'm avoiding a topic or two. I just don't have the words right now.

Max x

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