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Monday, October 17, 2005

Another reason to get things done.

It's been a while since i've been updating my blog this late at night...which is a good thing. I've had everything a lot more under control recently. I own this dancefloor.

So we posted up details of the schools tour on the site today. I hope it's as much fun as I think it will be. We have a few dates before the full tours start...photos and stuff will get posted..I wish a band had come to my school, maybe i'd have got into all this stuff a lot earlier and saved myself some time on working out what the hell it was I wanted to do.

Thank you if you've picked up tickets to the show this weekend - we didn't know we'd sell that many for an out-of-town show...we thought we'd have to push a lot harder but we really appreciate you all sorting it out early. Also thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered the CD...they will get shipped when everything gets back.

The mastering samples came back late friday afternoon and there are a few changes but nothing too major. We are stuck waiting like everyone else.

I am holding out hope that things liven up around here. If something doesn't happen soon, I am gonna have to take matters into my own hands and that is a recipe for a disaster.

Has anyone else's crush on Hilary Duff disappeared? What happened?


Monday, October 10, 2005

Pride comes before a what???

I won't bother telling you how close the new CD is to being ready, it's all we seem to talk about these days (you and me, not the band, we are on top of it).

New songs are coming together - not sure if we'll be able to get it all together for the shows we have coming up - I have four songs waiting for lyrics to be finished. I don't take them lightly so they have to wait for me - i'm not into half-assed attempts and patching over things that aren't good enough.

Started chatting about plans for recording the album - how scary is that?!?! We don't want to release it without the help of a label that can help us out with marketing and touring on release. We are only self-sufficient to a point, our budgets are just a little bit too low to run production and marketing at the moment. I know that sounds like business-type stuff, but some band stuff is like that...working out how much money the band has, and what we need to fund the next CD, merch order etc.

The plan that I started talking about a few months ago...I didn't want to say anything at the time, but there will be some news posted on the site soon. We don't always feel at home in some of the places we play - the crowd are older than us and maybe cynical or jaded - we've come up with something that solves that problem for us. It's gonna be weird....but fun i think :o) Everyone I have told so far has been surprised...i thought it was a pretty logical step to take...fortunately i am arrogant to the end and thus have complete confidence in my judgement.

I have to get some words done....god knows how...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Three days and counting...

Final weekend working on the CD - don't get me wrong, I love working on them, but this one has been too long coming and I won't be sad to send it all away to get made.

We were hoping to get it done by the couple of shows we have coming up, but mastering and duplication times are probably going to mean that we miss them by a few days. The CD will be up on the webstore for pre-orders soon, they will sent out as soon as they arrive, so if you want it order it and it'll be there pretty soon.

I've gotta be honest, i'm not really too into hanging out with myself at the moment...I get a bit too wrapped up when we have a big project on and find it difficult to let go, 24/7, I manage to bug myself, which is why I am amazed my friends don't tell me to f*ck off on a more regular basis....I guess they are used to it. By the way, i'm not making apologies for it - I always want to be the one that's pushing the hardest, i just hope everyone around me knows i am still in here.

Listen to the new Rufio album, it's very, very good - his voice is unique and takes a little getting used to, but it's worth it. The new Coheed & Cambria album is also out now, so get it and injure yourself trying to hit the super-high backing vocals. Dan hooked me up with a copy of The Early November CD which is really good - lots of little sing-a-long bits.

New songs are a little closer to being finished, there are some verses and a lot of lyrics missing but the words are coming a little easier than they were a couple of weeks ago. I think it has something to do with me being able to get my head away from FINO (work it out...duh) for a little while.

Right, i am supposed to be working (when am i not?), so i better go.

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