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Saturday, November 19, 2005

let's make this fast...

Am just grabbing another quick break while I wait for my PC to do something...it's getting the video of me and dan performing 'A Life Half Lived' sorted so that it can be put up on the Friends In Name Only site. We know that we're gonna be busy over the next few weeks so we're trying to cram as much in now as we can. If you have the CD please go and check out the acoustic video (well, when my computer is done with it) and go tell Kev he is a star for making it at such short notice and that you heart him.

I don't want to sound like a stuck record, but I do wanna say thank you to everyone that came to our home-town show last night. We do appreciate you coming out and hanging out. Hello to all the new people I met, you were awesome - and all the people I already knew were pretty damned cool too...but you already knew that.

I got the new Panic! At The Disco album the other day - it's very cool. I only really found out about them because of the label they are on, but hey, isn't that what record labels are for sometimes? Go check it out if you haven't heard them....although i really recommend finding copies of the demo versions that were around on the net - they really changed some of the songs and it's only really put into perspective when you hear both versions.

I spent ages yesterday reading this. When he is talking about pre-gig tension it really felt familiar - I know we don't do anything on a millionth of the scale that the Foo Fighters do it, but if you chat to us before a show, we are not 100% the same people that walk off afterwards. Likewise, the three boys that walk off the stage after a bad gig are not the same three boys you'd meet if they'd just torn the house down. Recently, I don't seem to be able to be the boy that anyone is looking for...but it's ok - coz nobody else seems to be shaping up either.

The weather here has turned colder than I thought it could and I hate it. I want to feel like it will never get cold again...any ideas? ok, the computer is making noises at me, time to go again...

Max x

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So shower me in a chorus of compliments

Well, it didn't fall into my lap like i was hoping....better luck next time i guess.

Am sitting waiting for my computer to finish something for me..it's taking it's time so i figured i'd drop by and say hi. Been listening to the new Motion City Soundtrack album, it's pretty cool - a bit of a grower, but good. Also go the new Reuben album, which is very cool - heavier than the last album but well worth checking out.

I made a start on something yesterday that has been kicking around in my head for a long time now. It'll be around 6-12 months before it appears...the devil is always in the details...but i really think it'll be good.

Speaking of planning ahead, we went over our calendar at rehearsal the other day. We are looking at about 8-10 weeks of schools tours next year, plus whatever other shows we can get sorted out in the meantime (there is something cool that may happen but i'm not pinning any hopes on at all).
There will be another CD out in the first half of 2006 - the other half of FINO and we'll be recording the album over summer. So it'll be out around the end of 2006/early 2007. It's really scary to have so many long-term plans considering someone asked me whether I was free this Friday and I had no idea...i guess it's different when they seem so far away.

Looks like my computer is done...time to go...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

"one giant leap for mankind..."

One of the shows we have coming up is at a place called the Pool Club in our home town, I played my first ever gig there when I was younger and have seen pretty much every home-town band there at some point. It's not a nice place, but it always had a cool atmosphere when we used to go there - we'd hang out, get drunk and watch bands and then get into trouble on the way home...what nights out were made for. We bumped into a friend yesterday who told us that there were a lot of fights there at a recent show, so many that the entire night was cancelled and everyone was sent home. It sucks that violent people have so much power over a situation and it sucks even more as we have a show booked there and we have no desire to put ourselves, or anyone else, in any danger. As of right now, we are still down to play, but I will check out what's being done about the trouble and we'll see what happens. If it gets cancelled, don't be surprised, but we should all be disappointed.

ok...onto better things...i think i am getting better right now - not that i've been sick, but something has been on my mind but i'm shaking it as we speak so all is looking up. It's ironic that i find myself constantly in a situation that i hate, but am usually the cause of....maybe it's less ironic, more sad.

We go back into the studio in the first couple of weeks of December for the new EP. this will be the last EP before a full album (i think i've talked about why in another post...?). We are proud of the way Friends In Name Only turned out, but we learned a lot of lessons and the next one will have a lot more to listen out for - it's one more set of lessons before we make an album...which I think will end up pushing us harder than we've had to work for previous releases. We are already discussing plans for how some songs will fit together and the way we want it to work.
I don't want the album to take time to draw breath, it should make your heart beat faster from start to finish....or maybe just mine....but that'll be enough. I only own a few albums that do that to me, I want ours to be one of them.

The three of us drove up to Birmingham for Music Live (a pretty cool music exhibition where they showcase equipment and instruments etc.) this weekend. We listened to a few albums in the car...ones we loved and some new ones. Dan and i ended up chatting about lyrics...i sometimes get sick of songs with a loser as the hero. I love listening to rap music with a complete arrogance in every line - they believe they are the best artist ever and that's all they need. If you hear me sing lines like that, then it's because I know we aren't all losers all the time, sometimes we are the kings of our world and it's ok to tell everyone now and again. Don't worry, we are also all losers sometimes so that'll never fade.

Time to go, i have a couple of hours before rehearsal so I am gonna go try and write something that will be worth recording. It can be a hit miss thing, so let's all cross our fingers and hold our breath....

Max xxxxxx

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