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Saturday, December 17, 2005

we are who we were when...

So it's been a little while huh?

things (you) have been getting desperate around here...not me though, i keep both eyes on the prize.

It's late here and i'm tired so this'll probably be short. The Christmas slow-down has kinda started - not because we want it to, we have more to do in the next three weeks than we normally do! it's just what happens around this time of year...time gets sucked up into some sort vacuum and you have to go with it - if you fight it too hard you end up more stressed out than ever. a deep breath and count to ten.

A pretty casual friday - really made a break from phoning up schools and speaking to receptionists who range from super-friendly-brighten-up-your-day people, to people who seem offended that you've dared to phone them. Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining about the work for booking the tours - but there are definitely good days and bad days. We spoke to some bands recently who were asking about the schools tours... I think they thought it was a doddle and maybe they should try it out. After setting up the studio, it will probably be the biggest thing we've done. deep breath, count to ten.

me and dan were chatting idly today. what the hell does it look like from the outside? i swear to god we are the most boring people on earth. me and dan spent like an hour and a half designing our new bio and fact sheet today - something that most of you will never see. we then wrote a song that you will never hear (it got scrapped once we jammed it out when kev showed up). worked on some album ideas that will never get made (we kinda know the concept we're chasing now, just need some concrete ideas...more nights in the tiles around tables chatting about it with friends). i love it, but i bet it's way more exciting from the outside - i think most things are.

so if I don't get a chance to post back here before xmas, I hope you have a good time. we are sorry we didn't get a chance to play a home-town show over christmas time as a lot of our friends will be back in town after being away all year, but we are working hard, we promise. we have some new songs that all three of us kinda know are gonna make it to the album and that makes me really excited to start work on it. we'll also have some older songs out for you soon, they'll probably get mixed when we get back from the january tour.

so much for this being short.

max x

Friday, December 09, 2005


I am finding it harder and harder to switch off. I hit the ground running as soon as i wake up...my mind is still racing when i'm trying to sleep. You know what the funny thing is?? I really, really like it. Something in me thrives when things are moving forward - sometimes I see my life like this oil tanker..I'm trying to get it moving and facing in the right direction, but it just seems to be taking forever. I am pushing harder than ever now and it's still only just thinking about moving.

A lot of my friends will be back from university over Christmas and they'll ask how i'm doing. I try and be as quick and concise as possible - I don't like being the boring guy that only ever talks about what he's doing, however i do still seem to end up hearing him talking while my mouth moves.

I don't envy any of my friends. I love them all and am really proud of them for being good people and doing good things, but I don't envy them anything. I'm sure they feel exactly the same way about me....from the outside I swear to god my life must look like a series of random acts held together by nothing more than the fact that I am involved in them. Please believe there is some sort of method to it all...I need to believe that or I wouldn't even get out of bed in the morning.

Ok, i am running a bit late (when am I not these days) so I won't go into the change of plans for next year right now, but one of the things we have coming up is gonna be soooo cool. When we started planning the schools tour and only told a few people i was already getting excited and it's already been more successful than i ever hope to believe (it's not even fully happened yet...i just have complete faith in all my ideas, but am 100% prepared for them to falter at any point...i just work harder). I hope this idea works as well and we are able to get it off the ground. we will need your help. yes, you. i'll be in touch nearer the time.

Max x

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The JCB Song is amazing...


I meant to post sooner but have been really busy this week. Just got done working on more school tour dates for next year. We had a really good period where they were being booked really quickly but as we get to the later dates they are getting harder to pin down...we're getting there though, just need a little more time.

Ok...so less about now and more about last week. The first schools date was a blast, everyone we met was so cool and thank you to everyone that has said hi to me - if you txt me I am not very good at replying so you'd be better adding me to your MSN list - my email address is on my forum profile.

Newmarket was fun as it always is - massive hi everyne who said hi, especially to my three new favourite people, the girls at the end who were making out (i know, that shouldn't impress me, but i've never seen three people making out at the same time...let alone three super-hot girls at the show...being in a band rocks sometimes.. a lot)...and to the girls dancing, and the girl at the end who fell over a lot..made me laugh.

The show up north was kinda predictably small...it's the last one of those we have to do for a while and i'm pretty glad. Travelling a long way to play to nobody can really get you down and we've done our fair share so let someone else take over that side of the industry for a while. Altho there were some cool people - the ubiquitous heavy metal band, the nice guys in Dave & His Dogs, Will who was cool and Briony, the cute girl on the door...plus everyone else that said hi.

These lists of people probably don't mean anything to you, but i really love the fact that we get to meet people simply because of our band - a lot of our friends are people we met at shows, or through other bands etc.

I gotta go, my phone is ringing..more schools date :o)

Max x

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