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Thursday, February 23, 2006

i'm addicted to words and they're useless in this department

So, we're talking about numbers and words last night. It turns out words are my thing - I don't really think anyone I know relates to it that well. Why doesn't anyone I know have the same way of expressing themselves as me? Doesn't bother me, just wondering.

Couple of things: I have been reading a lot of journals and blogs (whatever you want to call them) recently. They show that no matter what lifestyle you lead, or where you are in the world that there are some things are the same no matter what. That's pretty comforting in some ways. Also, i've been discovering that people take all those words to heart. please make sure if you are going to read words about you, or about something you care about you have a sense of perspective. I have the added protection of being super-arrogant so i'm usually pretty quick to dismiss most stuff, but some people have thin skin and get hurt....safety first kids, cover your ears and eyes and take cover.

I got told I was to write about what i do outside of the band right now. i don't do much outside of the band apart from work, to give you an idea of exactly how much you don't wanna hear about it i will give you an example of my day today:

8.30am - drive my dad to work (it's snowing outside and i hate the cold)
9.10am - meet dan and maunder (chris martin to some of you) at the studio. learn about using MIDI based hardware and software for the album.
12.00pm - grab a Subway for lunch (worth every penny i don't have)
12.20pm - work. (i have the luxury of calling work everything from sorting out posters for the schools tours to designing websites and computer stuff for companies and bands).
1.00am - sleep.

that's it. fortunately for me, i have learned to pack in as much as possible into my time off so I can get out, fuck up some part of my life and get back home within a few hours or so. sometimes i don't even need to leave my chair.

i love my life and i am well aware that nothing gold can stay, so i'd better stop writing and get back to the boring stuff that i do. i have friends and enemies that fill their days just to pass the time. i hope they make it out alive.

p.s. i'm sorry if you're waiting to hear from me, i have been in the bubble for a while now and forgot there was life outside.

Max x

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the hardest of the hard to get

girls in baseball caps. girls in hoodies. light blue tops and jet black hair. make lists of what u wish for.

New songs will have to wait a little while, we need to play around with them so we can learn some things about what we do.

i need some inspiration right now...where are you when i need you?

Max x

Sunday, February 12, 2006

my words, your mouth....

ok, let's just talk for a second about how these words work...(ok, you can't talk back to me right now, but that's the same as most of the conversations i have....i steal all the words first and leave you shaking your head and walking away).

i will never get over going to a town and seeing people i have never met singing along to words i wrote about things that i hope you can picture in your head. i don't care if i'm a broken record going on about it, there is nothing else like it....i'm a guy who spends most of his life working and keeping my eyes firmly on the prize...when i finally remember to look around, you are all singing along and i remember that you are the prize.

i am seeing my words crop up on people's journals, MSN names, websites and things like that. i am scared and proud that you even heard them in the first place.

i am two people at all times...take your pick.

max x

Friday, February 10, 2006

Haven't you heard?? We're bulletproof.


I'm probably not supposed to be writing this...everyone is chasing me for stuff right now, but i'm ducking out for 5 seconds to take a break and say hi.

We're probably forgotten as quickly as we arrive when we drop by for the day, but please try and stay with us, we wanna be around a lot more, but we can't which sucks.

We're writing for the album all the time right now...it's hard coming up with hooks on demand, but we're trying our best to give you thing s to sing along with at the shows. We are getting a video together in the next few months - we're also trying to work on a deal to get it onto some music channels...whether that happens is kind of out of our hands a little, but we will try our best with that too.

Things are changing pretty quickly around us at the moment, but I feel like we're racing against the clock pretty much every day. We hit tour a few days earlier than expected this time round, but i'm way more prepared this time so it's all good.

Just so you know when you hear the new stuff - 'we' isn't always me and the two boys in my band, and 'you' probably isn't who you think it is. Let's play an awesome game where I hide your name between the lines and you try and find it.

Show tomorrow, first non-tour show of the year...i won't hold my breath but I will hope for the best, i can't do any more than that.

Sorry for the lack of home-town shows, we're waiting for someone to invite us back...

I watched a tv show recently...they said you will break promises you never even made if you carry on. i listened and learned.


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