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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Clap your hands, one more time.

ok, so I shoudl probably be working, but i've been having trouble getting started today so I may as well put it off a little longer.

Listening to the new Snow Patrol album - those boys now how to write a good song, i probably shouldn't like it as much as I do, but fuck you, I do (although they are never going to beat 'Run', but they do good either way).

I am pretty much resigned to the fact that the album is gonna take as long as it takes. I can make websites, street-teams, photo-shoots and marketing campaigns happen on schedule, but apparently we can't write to order. I have been sitting with a guitar and an empty thought for too long.

If you have ever had a problem with self-confidence, listen to more Jay-Z, it's the goddamn cure for a lack of self-esteem. I can climb mountains.

Nothing exciting happening. I hate it. Bring on the drama, please.

Max x

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

with eyes wide open

"yeah, i reckon i could write a gay disco album"
"well....you're half way there...."

good few hours in the back of the van this week. it's like a complete bubble that blocks out all other hassles...i really wish we could tour with a little more room, a few less early mornings but with exactly the same shows, i wouldn't trade them.

monday at st.helena was insane...our closest to home show on the schools tour and you all went crazy...good fun, but we had to keep stopping the songs before someone got hurt...a small price to pay for a good laugh i guess.

i spent my day off in meetings for work today and pretty much spent the entire time wishing i was playing a show. one more this week and then i am going to spend a lot of the weekend attempting to catch up on my sleep.

The street-team is fixed, i am gonna work out exactly how it'll work/look in the back of the van as we head to the show tomorrow.

time for sleep.

max x

Sunday, April 23, 2006

my sis rocks....

I just wanted to officially congratulate my sister who is currently running the London Marathon. I am dead proud and would probably never consider running that far...let alone on a cold and rainy day like today. If you are nice, go to http://www.justgiving.com/nickygray and give money to charity for her.

max x

Sunday, April 16, 2006

these are not the lies you wish they were

my world is not rocked right now. i am working on it though.

new music stuff first...still listening to Anthem by Less Than Jake as if it's my new career, i love it. the new Punchline album is good, not great...but good. new Taking Back Sunday is growing on my slowly, but they always do so i'll love it in a few days. The Streets album is awesome, not as good as the last one, but really cool. new Saves The Day is ok...yeah, just ok. new Arctic Monkeys EP is worth a listening but has got nothing on the album. i got hold of some new pop and some old-school stuff too, but haven't had time to form opinions yet...am waiting for my iPod to get back from the repair place.

demos are started, gotta work out what the hell this album is gonna sound like at some point...we are trying to pin it down. where we are right now is Jay-Z's words coming out of the mouths of kids like us jumping up and down in the mosh pit. i can dream.

buy The Black Album if you don't own it. arrogance and ego done to perfection.

haha, the new website is gonna be completely different from what you expect...all pop, all the time baby.

i know some of you have been emailing and txt'ing me...i will reply eventually, but i have to be working right now...you'll just have to wait...sad but true.

Max x

Friday, April 07, 2006

caller 10 with the loudest cry...

this appeared on the forum a little while ago:

"im not sure if i should be asking this but im very bored and so when did you lot use your virginity wot age were you Laughing
dnt worry if ya dnt wanna answer it lol"

i intended to answer it there, but i am gonna go through and answer all the posts at some point...just gotta get time.

In the meantime, here is the typical, white, middle-class answer to your question with the slightly hollow feeling that it left me with and the mixture of pride and confusion that left me spinning.

I was just seventeen...it was a few days after my birthday i think. i suck with days, dates and times. I had started sixth form a few months before which basically meant i had met a few hundred new people to hang out with after seeing the same faces day-in and day-out in high school. One of the girls in my class was heading out to a club that weekend and me and some friends were going along too.

The words 'false sense of confidence' kinda summed us both up on this occasion (fuck, it still kinda hits home for me). I did the natural thing that scared boys do when they need to feel brave...i got drunk. unfortunately, this wipes out pretty much my entire memory of how we ended up back at my place...but it happened either way.

back at my place: ok...so this is it. i'd spent a year being a 16-year-old boy trying to get to this point. i was now a 17-year-old boy wondering what the hell i was going to do. i guess i'd been to second base before, and now i was staring down the barrel of a home run....and i don't even like baseball. so i put my hand to the back of the door, push it open and walk in to the room.

you wanna know it was like after reading all that don't you? well...it's a blur, for two reasons. the alcohol consumed earlier...i was far from being wasted but i could feel it enough to affect the edges of the memories, and of course the fact that i was nervous, dumb and excited. it was like stepping off a rollercoaster and not remembering any of the twists or turns, just the fact that you were shitting yourself the entire time but it felt great to have that much adrenaline hit your bloodstream.

so where does the hollow feeling kick in? pretty much as soon as my eyes opened. we got our shit together and headed for the door, we both had places to be later in the day...can't remember ever having anywhere to be when I was seventeen, but that day i did. we grabbed a quick drink from a coffee bar in our home-town and talked....she was casual (cool, collected and calm..haha!!) as she talked of the boys she hung out with and told stories of her town and what she got up to there. i felt the intense urge to get the fuck out of there very, very quickly...i didn't want to hear about boys in fast cars, girls who will never know better and what they did in the shadows out the back of their local superstore. i ran (not literally, although if i'd had any balls i'd have just hit the pavement at a sprint).

so she dropped out of school a couple of months later and left town. no...nothing to do with me, in fact we only chatted casually back in class after that night. she would make grown-up jokes about sex with a knowing smile and laugh and i would try and act like i 'got it'.

i gotta go right now, but i hope that answered your question....you can ask me about pretty much anything if you really wanna know, I am low on secrets and big on telling boring stories. p.s. i like other people's stories so post them up if you have guts and words.

max x

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the life of the party just left...

Almost 1am. This time of day feels more like home than it ever has...i'm not an insomniac, i love my sleep, but i feel more comfortable in front of screens in early hours than i do at any other time of the day.

we're all off to the reading festival again this year...yeah, yeah every fucking kid there is in a band or knows someone who knows someone...not us, we go and get messed up and make fools of ourselves. this year i am taking flyers and making friends the new way.

gotta go spend cash that i don't have tomorrow morning. i am not too stressed about it, i'm very lucky position at the moment and i am taking full advantage. number one baby...looking after number one. i got work, health, friends and family all in the positive column so i can let a little cash slide, i'm too young to care and old enough to know it's not the end of the world.

i've got a new idea that i am hoping will keep on top of this urge i have to write something fictional. i spend way too much time in the real world, and all the songs we write are real things that happen to us and those around us so i don't get a chance to escape into my head often enough. the songs don't feel right unless they are from things we've been through, so i'm gonna use something else to get these words out. i'm not telling you what it is coz i think it needs to be just for me....but it'll be online so you may stumble across it one day..you'll just never know it was me that wrote it. (haha, yeah right...i am the worst secret-keeper ever.)

someone emailed me something today that really blew me away...seriously, blown away. it's gonna be awesome. even if it's only me that ever gets to see it, it'll be worth all the work.

god i am vague sometimes. fuck it, it's my blog - write your own secrets if you need them that badly.

max xxx

Saturday, April 01, 2006

thank you for the photo x

it's saturdy night and i am home, in front of my computer...that's not as depressing as it sounds...even if i was out living the rock'n'roll lifestyle that some people think i lead, i would be too exhausted to raise a smile and fake being interested.

so last night was exactly as expected. turnout was pretty good for a show with only four days notice and virtually no promo...familiar faces were pretty much the only reason that I knew it'd be worth doing. Fuck, even JohnnyB was there - go to the forum if you don't know who that guy is...he has been a friend since we were kids getting drunk outside houses under streetlights. now he's a grown-up and scares the crap out of me by talking about buying houses and getting married. still heart him though.

show itself was cool - a little bit of a shock to the system to be honest...we get used to shows on tour, they are well-lit and we can pick out the kids in the back who aren't paying attention...yeah, we know who you are. it was like being a younger band again dealing with feedback and hot lights for the first time...well, almost.

so we played new songs which we only did because it was a home-town show...you already know old stuff and fuck those bands that recycle the same set every show. the lyrics were like 20% done...i know, i know, i'm already taking flack for it but they are important to me and i'm taking my time. we wanted to test out the music as Kev plays differently with a crowd so he needs to rock out his parts to see what he wants to change before we record them...i hope he nailed what he needs.

i have more to say, but no energy to type... i'll fill you in some other time,

max x

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