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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Music and The Misery

So I started a new blog. Don't worry, i'll still be here to tell you stuff going on with us and give you my opinions on such hard-hitting subjects as Big Brother...but i wanted to write something more specifically to help out other bands, talk about music and the business side of things, so i created themusicandthemisery.blogspot.com.

I guess this blog will end up being more personal for me, and just my view of what we're doing rather than just an update. Whatever, i just write it - it's up to you if you read it or not.

so let's tell stories.

fall out boy show was excellent. well worth the hassle surrounding it for me. the academy is and the hush sound were both ok...i would try to be more descriptive, but i didn't really connect with either of them. I love the academy is album, but felt it lacked something live, something i can't quite put my finger on (good review huh??).
FOB killed it - the third time i've seen them, and they were a little lackluster last tie, but this time they really seemed to nail it and actually looked like they were enjoying themselves (distinctly lacking last time). Played a couple of older songs that i love and made me feel like a more superior fan for knowing them when the people around me didn't....i'm looking at you daniel.

so hung out in london and talked about religion (always a tricky issue, even with friends, don't get me started), ate pizza and ice cream and listened to my iPod too loud on the way home to the great annoyance of the old guy next to me.

got home and hit the party straight away with friends in our home-town. dan was supposed to be taking it easy, but by 1am the kid was looking bleary-eyed and fuzzy around all edges like the rest of us. met a new and very cool person at the bar, we hung out and i pretended to know what i was saying...tricky.

sunday was barbeque time at maunders. you ever play that game where you have to sing into the playstation and it judges how many of the notes you're hitting?? well i got my ass kicked by pretty much everyone there. maunder has the lowest singing voice in history. he is now barry white.

i got told by kev that i can't put pictures in my blog coz it'll be stealing his idea (despite the millions of blogs with photos)....but his computer is broken at the moment so he can't even read this, i'll be safe for a while.

i wanted to post these pictures as i know that some people at home have no idea how cool the kids on tour are and that they ask us to write all over them. we love that and i'm pretty sure that some people think we are faking it when we talk about the thousands of you that we've met this year...here are some photos to prove it:

I think you can click on the pics to see bigger versions, not sure. can't post pictures with anyones faces in but hopefully you know who you are.

More pics, this time to annoy dan coz i know he took a pretty much identical photo of the show last week, but he hasn't had a chance to post his yet...

This is the kid at the show...ain't he gorgeous...

ok, photo time over (i'll try and take some more next time i do anything exciting...it might be a while). so check out the new blog and tell me what i should post on it.

max x

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

better luck next time kid

hey, it's been a little while so let's talk.

music first (isn't it always). the new less than jake album is cool, but it doesn't top anthem...still looking forward to seeing them at reading though. dan has gone from only listening to biffy clyro, to being a freakin A&R guy...he recommended the new hit the lights album to me...go check them out at www.hitthelightsmusic.com. got some other new stuff but i haven't checked it out enough to form an opinion yet...gonna clock up some serious iPod hours soon.

schools date last week rocked. two or three songs to warm everyone up (you and us), but we had a cool day. i can't even remember the last bad show, how insane is that?? they come in runs though so i don't wanna talk to soon. summer outdoor shows are coming and they have hit-and-miss written all over them.

new song over the last couple of days. it all came from a lyric about girls with hoodies on. hot as fuck. i still have my favourites out of them new stuff though. this is a shakedown, so you better get it together.

anyone else watching big brother this year? i love that shit. my life is pretty routine right now: work/write/rehearse/eat/sleep/repeat. i am living vicariously through the people they lock up on tv for me.

random night out with maunder at the weekend...we hung out in our home town (which still sucks) and got drunk and talked shit for a few hours....summer is pretty damn close..i love it.

fall out boy show tomorrow. supposed to be cool stuff happening with that but it never came off...not the end of the world.

time for sleep, max x

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Two very, very cool shows this week. Tueday was back at Goffs School after a tour dates there a few months ago. We said hey to all the people that have stayed in touch and hopefully made some new people smile with new songs.

We had to jusge the Battle Of The Bands (fuck, i hate those things, but at least we didn't have to compete). Let me just clear one thing up after reading some stuff on MySpace...you were allowed to do cover songs and they were all done really well, but it came down to two bands in the end and the winners had everyone jumping around to their own songs (they were also a little tighter). It's easy (well, easier) to get a room full of people moving to songs they know well. To make them sing/jump/move/dance/reacte to your music that they've never heard before is what can set you apart. Nobody broke any rules, it was just our opinion - feel free to ignore it, I would if I were you.

Thank you to everyone who hopped up on stage at the end of the show...you should see the video footage from that show - it is insane!! I will make sure Kev puts it in the new video (coming soon, I promise). Everyone in ODL t-shirts was sight for sore eyes (especially Amy who made her own....that's so fucking cool i can't even say.)

Last night was a home-town show. I don't know about you guys, but I had an awesome time. The new songs were a little tighter than last time (although we played the pop song waaaaay too slow, oops.) My new in-ear monitors meant I could hear everything!! i love them sooo much, they are worth Kev hassling me for taking too long during soundchecks. He'd be bugging me about something anyway so it may as well be that. I swear that kid is bi-polar and needs to taking Lithium or something, i dunno.

Been doing vocals for the demo's when we've had time. they are sounding good, but they require a lot of imagination as we don't have time to add effects right now...we just know in our head how they'll sound. someone commented to me that they thought Friends In Name Only was over-produced, you ain't heard nothing yet. pop baby. fuck yeah.

There is a kick-ass thunderstorm out my window right now. I can feel the thunder shake my house. I love that. I'm gonna go stare at flashes and dark clouds. catch you guys later. thank you for making it a good week, i owe you another one...make sure you keep count.

max x

Monday, May 08, 2006

there's not a catchphrase that can save you

long meeting with the boys this morning...like 2 hours or something. we roll like a business sometimes, and i am the reason why. dan listens and talks, kev literally falls asleep mid-conversation. it really is that exciting. we are really gonna need your help when the album comes out...we are planning promotion at the moment but we have literally no money so we are relying on getting as much stuff for free as we can. There will be stuff all over the new website to help you help us, we just pray to god that someone uses it.

we need ideas for both the CD artwork and the video so send them to me if you have them, tell me on MSN, whatever.

we have to judge a battle of the bands tomorrow - i hate competing in those things so it's probably hypocritical of me to judge one...but fuck it, i don't care. i just hope the bands are good.

the new website video from tour got bumped up the list today so check it out when it finally gets put on the site in a couple of weeks.

in every spare second i have been trying to write the hooks that will make it onto the new album, but they don't always come that easy. i love the last two songs that we finished...kev isn't so sure about them, i'm hoping that's just coz he hasn't added in all his fills and cool beats yet...he usually does that when we play them live....but god knows when we are gonna get the chance.

i hope your weekend was good. mine was uneventful. got drunk and hung out with dan, jane and maunder on friday night. saw an old friend who i really hope is ok, but i wouldn't wanna bet on it. we made it home safe and made prank calls to lonely hearts ad's....haha, talk about kicking someone when they're down...we were nice i promise.

also checked out mission impossible 3, if you like mindless action then go check it out. i am a sucker for a big explosion (almost as much as a lonely heart ad) so i thought it rocked. was bummed that my friend who works at the cinema wasn't there so i had to pay to get in....just about worth it for my seat shaking every time a bomb went off.

as you can tell from all of that, nothing is happening right now. come and shake it up. please.

max x

Friday, May 05, 2006

Tombstones don't talk back.

If you don't watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, you should check it out. That guy rocks.

We have been working hard this week, a couple of new songs that look like they might make it to the album. We wrote one of them specifically to be the first single (whether it actually will be I don't know, depends what else we pull out the bag, but it rocks either way). We are talking to guy who is going to be working with us on our first ever music video, we need some ideas though. It'll be online before it's anywhere else...the street-team will get it before anyone else so go sign up at www.thelifers.co.uk if you haven't already.

We're making a music video..how messed up is that? We take everything a step at a time (and sometimes the steps don't come fast enough but it still amazes me how far we can go when we try).

Me and Dan went to check out the photo studio that we are going to do use for the album photoshoot. Very cool. I love stuff like that, cool-looking lights and equipment everywhere. Just sorting out the backdrop etc. and we are good to go.

Just wanna say congratulations to a friend of mine, Andrew, who is getting married today. He is a proper grown-up..his band is playing with us next friday so buy him a drink if you're coming along.

Max x

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

and we get everybody singing....

Ok, I am up early working but was reading some shit online that made me wanna write here.

First things first. Dan has finally come up with a decent band for me to check out, he went to the Give It A Name festival and saw Paramore and told me to check them out. Watch their video for 'Pressure' here and tell me that you aren't in love with the singer. i'll know you're lying.

I am pretty sure that this is the first new band that dan has discovered since New Found Glory that I hadn't already heard of...fortunately she is hot enough to make it worth the wait.

I heart pop-emo. i'm a sucker for it.

ok, onto what i actually wanted to talk about. bands....surprising huh? we live in a small town in the south-east of england, and due to what we do for a living we meet a lot of people in bands, we know a lot of bands in the area and our friends tell us about bands that they have checked out. But, what i still find crazy, is how many of them want to do it as a career, and how few of them are actually working to make that happen.

I am pretty sure that we will be running a label of some size within the next few years, working with other bands to get them more exposure. I wouldn't even consider taking on/working with a band that wasn't working hard to gain more exposure. So many of them seem content to stick some songs on a MySpace page and sit back and wait. Don't ever pretend that it's all about the music. You and I both know that acts with average music have gained international fame with good marketing.

Please god, if you are in band and want to make it a job. Get your fucking shit together and make something happen. anything.

while i'm on the subject, i am also sick of fake-ass modesty and pretend humility. confidence is everything. when i meet someone who mentions early-on in the conversation that they are in a band, my first question is often "are you guys any good?". Cue the awkward shuffle, the staring at their feet and the little smile, "well, you know, we try our best". fuck that. i'm gonna be honest, unless the next words out your mouth are "hell yeah, we rock..." (followed by a quick bio and a list of your next plans) then i've pretty much already written off your band. i am not alone in this. talk a big game, and if you can, play it too.

I think that's about it for my ranting this morning. Thank you to everyone who spoke to me on MSN the other day, i've been on for the first time in ages. If you are an idiot, I will block you, so play nice.

trust me, you're looking good little girl.


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