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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a bright future for pendleton

Have been super-busy for a few days but it's all good. Here's the obligatory band update: photo shoot on sunday was fun, big thanks to everyone for working so hard for us, we get to see the results soon, i'll let you know how they turned out.
was back in the studio on saturday with kev recording drums for some more demos (we are onto our third demo of some of these songs due to parts/tempos/whatever being changed...just wanna start recording for real!!!).
we think we have all the songs for the album now, we might do one more next week if we get time, and if we think it needs it. ok...that's about it for now, none of it is that exciting and there's nothing for you to hear which is all you really want anyway.

let's talk about some other stuff:

stayed in on friday night to watch big brother, i watched loads of it this year due to the fact that i don't really have a life...i was glad pete won, i am slightly concerned that the high-pitched midget he hooked up with will get her grubby little mits all over his cash though.

dan has been doing yet more A&R spotting...he made me check out Emery, Sullivan and Plain White T's, all of which are ok, but not amazing...

please go and say nice things to the guys in Pendleton who we met the other day...they were supposed to be playing in our home-town and the guy who owned the venue told them they hadn't been booked (despite the fact they had an email to say they had) and he screwed them over. you can find them at www.pendletonmusic.co.uk.

i met someone recently who I hadn't seen for a little while but who I used to know well. I am proud of all my friends, i've spoken about it on here before, they have respect for other people and themselves. but this one person seems to have slipped the net and i was really sad to see them in the state they seem to have ended up in...they'd probably be sick to the stomach if they thought they had my sympathy rather than anything else from me, but that's all i could muster, it sure as fuck wasn't a desire to try and be good friends again. i hope to god he makes it...but i have my doubts.

Last night was the first time in a long time that i actually wanted to pick up the phone and call someone. if your phone rings, there is probably a boy or girl on the other end hoping like hell that you'll answer, but slightly scared of what to say if you do. nothing changes.

max x

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Frontierless Records

Well...we did it.


Not sure how long it'll take but we will be working to put out other peoples music. How successful this is and how soon it happens depends on our album, and the relationships we manage to build up along the way.

Wish us luck, we will need it.

Max x

everything is alright

So i know i promised a real update, but I am running a little low on time today. Basically we've really started again, which feels really good to me.

Dan and i met up with Vincent, the photographer who'll be taking care of our photo shoot in a couple of weeks. We ran over ideas and talked about the video too, all of which cheered me up. We then hit the shops to pick up some clothes for the shoot - we want people to know from the CD that we're a pop-punk band, so we're pulling every stereotype out of the bag.

Amongst all of that, we finished a new song....for now it's just called dancefloor but i'm sure it'll pick up a cooler name by the time it makes it anywhere. One of my favourite hooks ever to make it out my mouth i think, not our usual kind of chorus but it works. We pulled hooks that we were gonna use on seperate songs together to make one mega-super-hooky song.

"it's not about how we got here, it's just about how we're getting out"

We also sorted out bits of another track with a whole different style to it than a lot of the recent stuff...needs more work...i'll keep you posted if you care.

Have been winding down by watching late-night tv...does anyone else watch re-runs of 8 Simple Rules at like 1am?? nope...just me, fair enough. Lost is kinda getting on my nerves - it just gets boring when they never answer any goddamn questions without raisiing another 15....i don't even think i care that much.

OK so a couple of weeks ago i end up at a cool party with some friends, i took some photos and haven't had a chance to post them up until now...

this massive fire burned for hours as we cooked stuff on our mini bbq. rock & roll.

this is callum, who i met the morning after. he is still drunk in this photo and was unable to have his photo taken from any other angle....myspace kids...

this is my friend ben, who owns a kick-ass van. it does not always work...at this point we'd broken down and ben is pretending to know what the fuck is wrong..

ok, i'm outta here. look after yourself.

max x

Saturday, August 05, 2006


the best nights out are never planned. they are phone calls saying 'be ready in five minutes'.

don't worry, i'm still working...doing mailouts with dan and meeting with photographer on tuesday.

things have been happening in the last few days for me that i wasn't expecting. all good though.

proper update soon.

max x

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

staring at screens in strange towns

Me and kev are sitting on the edge of a drum riser in an empty pub in kettering. If bands really judged on how far they are willing to slog in order to play to anyone, we aren't letting anyone down, don't believe what you read.

Last show before we get some time off to work on the album. I miss touring. Can't wait to do it all again.

Why is nobody replying to my text messages at the moment? Whatever. maybe I should take the hint, but that's never been my strong point.

Last weekend was awesome, people travelled so far to sing along with us it's insane. Happy birthday to my good friend kevin, who is now old. We got drunk in our home town and headed off to see 'Making Eyes At Elvis' (they were previously called Charlie Brown, a much better name in my humble opinion) I have a crush on the bass player who I am reliably told is a lesbian, but I guess you can't win them all (or any of them if you're me right now). Everyone else is voting for the keyboard player but i'm sticking to my guns on this one. Their music is awesome too, so go check them out (they are bound to have a MySpace like everyone else....google it or something?)

Right, i'm gonna start a conversation with a real person....or dan...

Max x

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