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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

what I did on my summer holidays

so i've been gone a little while - too long really, but I really have been busy (plus I even took a little time off to go to reading festival and get drunk with my friends). Here's the lowdown on the last few weeks:

Reading Festival....awesome fun as usual, we got messed up a few times and saw some familiar faces amongst the crowds but nothing too major from us in terms of drama, we just watched a lot of bands and then debated who was good and who sucked.

No bands let me down at all, in fact a lot of them were better than I expected, a quick list of bands I saw and thought were very, very good: Adequate Seven (ska-punk done well), Killswitch Engage (had heard their live show wasn't great, but they owned it), Aiden (had heard a few of their songs and hadn't been impressed but they had so much energy it won everyone over), Maximo Park (had the album and thought it was ok, very good live...last band of the weekend and a great way to end), Taking Back Sunday (amazing as ever), My Chemical Romance (very good, better than last couple of times i've seen them), Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly (liked him a lot)....there are a whole load of others who i've forgotten but made me dance. The band that ruked them all for me was Arctic Monkeys - that kid had us all in the palm of his hand from the first note, and he barely said a word...the songs are just so goddamn good it doesn't matter.

Back in the studio...ok, we have now written everything that's gonna be on the album, we are now in the process of recording it all. We are making a three-song demo to send out to labels and distributors, trying hard to find someone to help us out with the finances (we have no money). So that has taken up the last few weeks. Kev is getting all his drums sorted out and we've been using new software and other little tricks to make this CD sound better than anything we've put out before. I am listening to a demo of a song called Caught In The Crossfire at the moment and it already sounds better quality than the songs from FINO. It's slow going, and it's frustrating the crap out of me, but I have a burning feeling in my stomach that will get this album done even if it kills me. This will be the hardest thing we've ever done I think. wish us luck.

by the way, have you heard the new My Chemical Romance single??....those boys know how to go over the top in style, i like it.

so that's it for now, i wanna get back to little-and-often updates if i can but no promises.

max x

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