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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Capital H


Go check this out - http://www.fabchannel.com/motioncitysoundtrack

If you haven't heard of Motion City Soundtrack you should definitely check out both albums and I am also loving the fact that you can check out all those live shows on that website for free....more venues should do that.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Max 4 Hayley

Eventful weekend. All down to London to catch up with some friends who moved down there a few weeks ago. Good luck to Ben, Laurie and Rambo who are joining the ever-growing list of our friends that are living real lives. Nothing too crazy there - just good hangouts.

Into central London the next day. Made sure that my girlfriend got on a train home as she had important places to be and even more important things to do. She moaned that I never mention her on here.... but i'm not gonna go into that right now. More hangouts with friends, a lot of walking around covent garden area with maunder moaning about the lack of cash machines and cheap places to eat.

"you know what this day is like? raping a bear."

Got a message from Dan that he'd crashed his car (he's fine, check his blog for photos sometime soon). Ate pizza. Made the executive desicion that I wasn't gonna let dan's dodgy driving ruin my fun so I hooked up a last-minute ticket for the Paramore show we were due to go to and went on my own...not the coolest thing, and hanging out between bands was boring, but it was worth it. Hayley Williams was more sexy than I had imagined, I know she's young and i'm probably not supposed to say that, but wow..... wow..... nobody in the room could take their eyes (or their cameras) off her. She was wearing a home-made top that said "Paramore is a band". From what I could hear from everyone around me, they weren't even aware there were other people on stage.

As a note, the first support band, The River Club (http://www.myspace.com/teamtrc) were worth checking out. Better live than the songs on their MySpace lead you to believe....but aren't most bands?

So i made it home at like 2.30am and i'm still not fully awake yet.

Band Stuff:

I finally know how the record will look - just gotta arrange the photo shoot to make it happen and find the right location. Then the website gets done and the street-team site. We are postponing all live dates as of next Friday, which we hate to d, but we will never be able to make an album if we don't. some of them were places we've been before so sorry if you wanted to see us, we'll be back in 07 with a shiny new album.

time to wake up.

max x

Friday, October 06, 2006

Second-thought Specialist

Back down the motorways on our way home. Today was cool kids and easy going, but we got to perform four songs in the entire day...what's that about?? Not gonna allow any more days without a minimum 30 minutes performance I think..otherwise we are just portable music teachers...fuck that. We work hard on these dates and we need to play to be rewarded for it...it's why we're here today, isn't it gentlemen??

I will try and get on MSN some more over the next week..I have got through a whole load of emails in the last day or two so you'll hear from me soon if you got in touch.

I will post some photos soon, I know these words bore you.

Max x

All-Time High

The site was supposed to get an update yesterday, but things broke so I didn't get a chance, it will happen soon though. For now you can listen to the podcast at www.myspace.com/onedaylifeuk

Shows have been good, you've all been cool to us and we're getting by...wish we were either on tour on in the studio for a decent length of time, we just seem to be somewhere in between constantly which sucks.

Dan and I are gonna hook up some cool new instruments on Saturday to finish the demo's off...

Personally, I feel good right now. I'm in my bunk somewhere up north, bashing buttons on this phone to make words on your screen. They are casual and come a lot quicker than the ones that are needed to fill the songs up...sick of this waiting game. My only consolation is I know I'll win.

Time for sleep,

Max x

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