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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Heroes, Hoods and Headphones

So i've been pretty much offline for about a week after we had a major problem with the computer in the studio and I had to take my own machine down there to finish the album and get everything ready to send away.

The studio is lovely and we have walls, a door and a window...but we do not have the internet, enough lights, a toilet or anything that seems to be able to beat that musty smell that come from sweat and dust.

So if you've been waiting to hear from me for anything, I'll get round to it - please accept my apologies.

In other news, the album is finished and is ready to be sent off to California where it's getting mastered. The album will be called "Heroes, Hoods and Headphones" after one of the lyrics and three things that feature pretty heavily in my life.

The photos from Friday's show are up, see them all by clicking here.

ODL Gig @ The Twist, Colchester - 25th May

I hope things are good and I'll catch up with you later,


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Misery Business

If you read what I write regularly, you'll know about my ongoing crush on Hayley from Paramore and now that they are back with a new album it is once again kicking in.

The new video made it on to YouTube last week so here it is:

So the storyline is a little cliche, but I like the song and it's got Hayley Williams in it - what more do you need?

p.s. If you are interested there is a live acoustic version here.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Some Fantastic

I am a big Barenaked Ladies fan, if you've never heard of them they are a Canadian band, and as usual you can read all about them online. Anyway, Ed Robertson from the band decided to start something called "The Bathroom Sessions", which is basically where him and occasionally Steven Page the other singer/guitarist, play their songs acoustic in his bathroom at home.

Ed Robertson: "After enjoying watching some guy fumble his way through "Intermittently" on his guitar, I decided there was something cool about a webcam shot, single take performance of a song... so I decided to do a bunch of them. I'm currently uploading them to YouTube, so check it out. I'm calling it "The Bathroom Sessions", cause I recorded a bunch of songs in my bathroom at home."
I have loads of favourites, but i'll post Some Fantastic up here:

You can check out the full list by clicking here. Other favourites of mine are One Week, Never Is Enough and Pinch Me.

Hope you like them,

Saturday, May 12, 2007

An hour at a time...

Headed down to the studio at lunchtime, but 6 months of working on this album has really taken it's toll on my concentration span in the studio. I can only really work for about 3-4 hours at a time before I lose all perspective and have to call it a day - that might delay getting the last few things done, but I can't just blag it now. Am trying to use the time I am not there to get everything else ready, and I'm not doing too bad.

I think this album has taken other tolls too - once again I've become so used to listening for mistakes that I will never be able to hear it as just a recording by a band in a little garage with no budget, I'll just be asking what we could have done to make it better.

There are plus sides though: I'm looking forward to playing live even more than ever before because I've been denied it for such a long time. I'm looking forward to writing new songs, and will be more confident that we can pull off any idea on record. I'll be way more confident heading into the next recordings because I've learned a lot of lessons the hard way and won't make them again - there'll be a whole lot of new things to try and fail.

Anyway, i'm gonna go stick these new mixes on my iPod and decide what sounds right and wrong, wish me luck,


There is no chaos, but yeah, I still stare at the stars.

It's been a while - have been working hard. You probably have too, how's that going?

I signed up to Facebook, so if you know me then add me on there, I am gonna get a MySpace too coz we need as many links as we can for the new site so i'll post you the link when I get that sorted.

Been at Dan's tonight getting the last shots for the album artwork, then me, him and maunder had some drinks and watched a film, feels good to be close to the end of 6 months of frustration and fulfilment.

Ok, i'll try and post something more coherent tomorrow, I just wanted to say something. I've been a little scared that i've burned a few bridges recently...prove me wrong.


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