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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pretty Little Problem

For some unknown reason I really like this song:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Hidden Post

So..with the blogs section of the website still not linked to yet, and Facebook no longer picking up my feed (yeah, I asked them about it, they are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it...whatever), this will kind of be an unread blog for a little while, which is kinda cool...an actual diary for a change...which, to be honest is what I should write in here anyway.

Ok, what's new then? Well - I have pretty much turned myself off from the outside world for a little while in order to get some work done on the promotion for the album. This never really bothers me as I am pretty good at being in my own company.

Rolled out last weekend to see Harry Potter which was pretty good. Kev is super-excited about the Transformers movie, while I am even more excited about The Simpsons film...I can't believe it's finally here after all these years. I could go off into a massive rant about how Homer Simpson is the funniest character of all time, but you already know so I'll skip it.

I am burying myself in work at the moment so I don't have to feel nervous, or worried about how things will turn out. It works wonders and I am sticking with it for now. I guess my technique for not letting life get on top of me, is to never think about it. Not healthy, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

We piled into the van for a super-long round trip to Manchester a few days ago. 6 hours there, sleep, 2 hour show, 8.5 hours back. This is what Dan and Kev looked like while we were there:

Dan &  @ Grange High, Oldham

The school was called The Grange High School, and they have no school hall which meant we had to carry all the gear up 2 flights of stairs and along a weird outdoor-gangway thing into an upstairs drama studio. Not my idea of a good time. The kids were awesome fun though - some girls screamed with joy every time Kev played a drum fill...random.

I had forgotten how much I liked the long drives and sleeping in my bunk. Everyone with their headphones turned up and lost in their thoughts, music, films, games, books....very cool.

Am still lost in my crush on Hayley Williams - yes, even all these weeks later. But I am now also developing one on Kate Nash...so you can check her out too. Let me know what you think...

p.s. We finally got the street-team up and running at www.thelifers.co.uk - it's gonna be a long haul to get a community built, but I wont let it fail. Sign up and make me happy.

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