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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

As heard on iTunes...

So the album is finally up in iTunes which is cool. If you have iTunes and wanna check it out, just click here. We are also on some other web-based stores, but we sell mp3's straight from our site anyway...

A little while ago Dan and I went to check out Biffy Clyro at The Junction in Cambridge (nice venue, would love to play there). One of the support acts was Frank Turner - he used to sing in a band called Million Dead - but he's now a solo singer/songwriter and he was awesome. We are going to see him at The Twist in Colchester on Monday 20th August and I'm already really looking forward to it...been listening to his album and EP a lot - check out the song "Worse Things Happen At Sea" as it's brilliant to say the least.

In case you were wondering, the guy never called back from the printers. It is now 24 hours and several phone calls from me later and I am still waiting. My life is very boring, and all I want is things to work. Is that too much to ask?


Monday, August 13, 2007

A break from the receiver...

Woken up this morning by a plumber drilling into the wall below my bedroom. Seeing as I was up late the night before watching this, I was not particularly happy - but them's the breaks sometimes I guess.

Phone rings and it's work. Again, not a great way to start the week, but I'm pretty on top of stuff at the moment so no panic from me. Called the printers about the 20,000+ flyers and posters we have ordered and as usual they still haven't processed the fucking artwork. Every time.... I speak to a nice Scottish guy on the phone called William who promises he'll call me back. That was already 2 hours ago.

Cool weekend, not eventful, but seeing everyone and not having too much to do was nice. Been listening to a whole load of new music (and some old stuff I'd forgotten about). Got Regina Spektor albums (quirky and cool), the first Dresden Dolls album (not as good as the one I had, but still great), new Starting Line album (good, although they still can't play it live so what difference does it make?).

Also got the new Kate Nash album which am listening to for the first time as I write this - first impressions are good, but there seem to be some tracks that stand out above the others...and also surprised that 'Caroline's A Victim' isn't on here as I really like that track...probably not commercial enough I guess. That's the first song I heard of hers, at about 2am on 120 Minutes (an MTV2 show)..the best time of night to watch tv.

I am posting new stuff on our website over the next few days...was gonna do it yesterday but I really couldn't get going with work...u ever have days like that?

Anyway, time to get back on the phone,


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