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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I knew Frank Turner before he got famous.

I love this song and can't wait to hear the full version once it's recorded. For now I am just hoping someone records another live version and posts it up.

For all of you who read this via readers and Facebook and don't see the video, the URL is http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=HIf5hcJ1PS4

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The three of us trekked to Tamworth, near Birmingham, last night for a show - it took us ages coz some roads were closed due to accidents, but we made it and found a pretty empty venue. We rocked out (although it is weird playing to so few people, I find myself struggling to think of anything to say...) and earned ourselves a re-booking in a few months on a Friday night when the place is generally busy by default.

It's a hard call to make. We had to slog to a an empty show, and we didn't even cover our costs, but we got something out of it anyway in the form of some new contacts and a better show. The trouble is, we could also have gone home with nothing but a smaller bank balance. Our sense for which shows to book is getting better, but with schools tours and things like that we have less time to book them....a catch 22.

But you don't wanna hear my problems right? So stop reading...


Monday, September 17, 2007

Sealed With A Kiss

I've been printing off copies of our schools tour information pack for the last couple of days. It's a slow and boring process to get them folded and print out all the address labels and put stamps on them...but someone's gotta do it I guess.

In other news, we have pulled the show that we were due to play on Friday in Stockport. I am used to writing "this show was cancelled due to reasons out of our control", but this one was done purely for financial reasons. It was one of those "get 30 people to hand in your flyer at the door and we will pay you" shows...how the hell an out-of-town band is supposed to get that many people to a venue they've never played in a town they've never been to is beyond me. The sad thing is, that if we weren't paying for a lot of stuff right now and had some spare money, we would go along and play for free....we hate cancelling, but what can we do?

I am listening to the first Thrice album for the first time in years - it's really great, but nothing they've done since has lived up to it. The price you pay for getting it right the first time I guess...

The new podcast is ready and will be going up tonight at www.onedaylife.co.uk/podcast. We have done things a bit more neatly this time, and they will be monthly - rather than the sporadic outpouring of gibberish that we put out before to test the whole thing out.

Catch you later,


When Heroes Fall From Grace (Yes Tom, I'm looking at you...)

So after the disappointment that was Angels and Airwaves at Reading, I dug around a little (I was waiting for the hundreds of Schools Tour Info Packs to finish printing) and found this really interesting, honest and candid interview with Mark Hoppus. Click here to read it.

Mark is without doubt one of my musical heroes, I even own his artist-series bass guitar in testament to how much I pretty much wanted to BE him when I was 19 (ok, I still do I guess..)

Listened to the AvA and +44 albums tonight, and neither of them are half as good as anything Blink 182 ever made. This makes me sad.

I like the Mark Hoppus podcasts - you can listen if you have iTunes by clicking here.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reading Festival 2007

Sorry this post was so long in coming. It took me about a week to recover
from the festival, from me screwing up my throat by shouting, the lack of
sleep and the hangover. We then went straight back into promoting,
rehearsing and getting stuff ready for schools tour.

Anyway, in case you don't know, we won a competiton run by Nokia to play at
their stage at the Reading Festival. Matt, one of the Lifers, entered the
competiton for us so massive thanks to him..he also got a free phone from
Nokia for his troubles.

I won't bore you with everything that happened to us over the weekend, we've
been to Reading seven years in a row now and all our stories are pretty
similar... they all start "we were drunk and then..."

Most people just wanna hear about playing I guess? Well, it was short, kinda
odd, but fun. The tent wasn't packed, but when you're up against 5 other
stages full of bands that people have actually heard of, I don't think we
did too bad. The weird thing was looking outside the tent and seeing
thousands upon of thousands of people streaming past. Most of them couldn't
even hear us over the roar of the other stages, but to be there playing was
a great experience. It wasn't our tightest set, but considering where we
were, I think we did ok.

In fact, the only problems were the fact that they kept movng our stage time
and day, even right before we played. I understand that they had a lot to
cram in, but it was still annoying...we also would have spent the entire
weekend promoting if they had given us the Sunday afternoon slot they
initially offered.

The other problem was that we couldn't use our own gear. That might not
sound like much, but any band that plays regularly or tours, knows that it
makes every difference. My bass is attached to me at all times, has a tuner
wired in and gives me complete confidence when I play. The one they gave me
fell off it's strap and in that environment it's tricky to put it back in
tune by ear...but hey, what can you do right?

So to answer a couple of the other questions people have asked...no, I
wasn't nervous, we play to more people than that on schools tour sometimes
and it's not something that scares me. No, we don't automatically end up
with a record deal/quit our day-job deal, we won a competiton, not the
freaking lottery. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, we did have guest pases but we
weren't backstage often as it's boring and seeing guys in bands is not my

Bands that we went to watch worth checking out were the ever-excellent Brand
New (I bored everyone to death with a drunken rant about how good they are),
Funeral For a Friend, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, the consistently
brilliant Frank Turner, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World and a whole load of

The only band that let me down were Angels & Airwaves who sucked...hard. Tom
DeLonge has gone insane and is taking that band with him. Prancing around
the stage like a wounded antelope and talking offensive, non-funny,
gibberish between songs...weird.

So anyway, that was our mini adventure. If you have any specific questions
drop me a line at max@onedaylife.co.uk. Right, back to work,

Max x

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