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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things I Like Right Now

The list of things I am loving right now is topped by High School Musical 3 which I went to see at the weekend.  Pop music is my one true passion and for a kid who likes high production values, uplifting chord changes and some mildly contrived lyrics, it was perfect.

Does anyone else watch Entourage? Nobody I speak to ever seems to have heard of it but I love that show - it's like a little boy's dream of money, women, fast cars, private jets, parties and well...women again.  It's not exactly hard-hitting, but sometimes you just wanna watch something that requires no effort whatsoever.

In the same vein, I have also started watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs on Trouble.  I hadn't heard of this show until recently when I caught an episode while channel-hopping.  It's like a romantic-comedy wrapped up in a TV show format, totally frothy TV but I like it (and have the obligatory crush on both Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders).  I also thought Neil Patrick Morris was cool in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog so he makes me laugh.

As usual I love the new series of Dexter - my personal favourite fictional serial killer.  Dan and me both watch this pretty religiously right now and spend time when we should be doing something else guessing what's going to happen.

From the above statements, please do not assume that I am a geek who is always in front of the TV. I have one of the greatest inventions known to man: Sky+ (it's like Tivo if you're in the states). It records all the crap I like and then I can sit down when I get back from being super-cool somewhere, watch TV and skip all the adverts - perfect.

So, as you can probably tell from all of that, I haven't been out living it up recently - I have been working hard, getting new songs sorted out (we have 10 new songs pretty much finished for playing live, just gotta record them now...), getting schools tour dates organised, helping get the new tour van sorted etc.

We play our first show of the new set of dates in a couple of days, I can't wait to start it all up again.  The new merch designs will be up on the online shop later today so go check them out and splash out if this credit crunch isn't killing you too much.

Goodbye for now and, of course, GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

What a time to find out I don't have a soul...

Thursday morning and I find myself in central london. Funnily enough, I find myself in a Starbucks outside the headquarters of RBS which has been in the news over the past couple of days due it being part of the whole economic collapse that's going on. The album I was listening to (The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed) came to an end while I was queueing for my coffee and all could hear was morose bankers talking in hushed tones about the collapse. I know it's a problem and everything, but I just found a different album and hit 'play' to drown them out. I am now sitting on my laptop typing this, and listening to Kimya Dawson. I am an oasis of calm amongst them.

I had some time on my hands yesterday, so I ducked into the Tate Modern for a while. A lot of my friends have told me how great that place is so I wanted to check it out for myself. I turned my iPod off (a rare occasion) and wandered around. I have no idea what I was supposed to feel about any of the pieces that I saw, but I'm pretty sure that it says something about me that I felt nothing at all. I wouldn't want to consider myself a philistine, and I appreciate the work, but I just can't seem to feel the joy that these artworks bring to other people. It made me truly appreciative of music, because even music I don't like affects me - it makes me dislike it, but I couldn't find an opinion either way on half of the things I saw in the Tate. I headed outside, fired my iPod back up and instantly felt better. There is a Frank Turner lyric that says "Music is my substitue for love." I think music may be my substitute for a soul.

Kev has been sorting out the new tour van and it's looking awesome so far. It'll be a totally new experience playing shows. New schools tours shows are on their way, just taking a while to appear as usual due to all the details having to be sorted out.

Max x

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