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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I want to be that guy for just one day.

Just writing a quick note while I'm waiting for some stuff to print from my computer. I am currently sorting out some final details for our shows this week. The shows that we do in high schools involve a massive amount of preparation - our whole day is planned out before we get there which has to be cleared by us and the staff at the school. The workshops that we run are sometimes off-the-cuff, and sometimes they are detailed weeks before any of you guys even know we're coming.

Our new banners turned up this week, and they look great - they will be put up either side of the stages when we're playing so people have something pretty to loook at rather than Dan...hahaha!!!

Our awesome new banners...

I wrote and recorded a quick acoustic song a couple of days ago, it's up on the street-team forums if you wanna hear it.  The song is called 'A Night in L.A.' and is a pretty honest representation of something that happened to me, if a little vague about it.  I played it to the guys and we may re-write the chorus and trun it into a song for the band.

We have a whole bunch of new songs that are almost ready to go - three of them have been added to the new live set - "The Girl Who Stole The World", "Get It On" and "Take This Flight" you'll be hearing them all in the new year.

I gotta go as this stuff has finished printing, but i'll be back soon,

Max x

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check this out...

I can only dare to dream that this is half as awesome as The Dark Knight was...

This is what geek boys like me are really living for, the rest of life is just killing time before the next awesome movie comes out.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Music, music, music...

So I have a lot to do today, but we played a show in Nottingham yesterday and I'm pretty tired so it's taking me a little while to get going this morning. I'd rather sit here typing at a keyboard than head outside into the freezing cold.

Got a copy of the new Paramore live album a few days ago and, as expected, it's pretty spotless...not exactly a band known for a sloppy live show. The production on there is better than some bands studio albums. I wonder how much (if any) of it was re-recorded as I've seen them live a few times and they are really, really tight. According to interviews I've read, they play with a metronome in their ears, which kinda takes the spontaneity out of the show, but man those drum fills are in time.

Currently listening to the new Kanye West album - I'm not against the auto-tune thing on his vocals, but it is a bit over-used and kinda makes the record a bit "cold". Some of my favourite Kanye songs (and I am a genuine fan of his) are "Family Business", "School Spirit", "Hey Mama" and "All Falls Down" - all of which are smooth, full and warm songs. I just miss that stuff, I hope he gets back to a warmer tone (lyrically, sonically and musically) someday.

Been addicted to a song called "The Painter" by a band called "I'm From Barcelona". I haven't had time to check out any of their other stuff, but here's a version of this song so check it out:

That's not an official video or anything, but hey, that girl clearly loves the song as much as I do!

Max x

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