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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Already sick of this.

See? Told you I was back in love.  Two posts in two days? I don't even talk to my friends that much. Either of them ;)

A little while ago, I said that I would write people songs for free, about a topic that they chose.  I finished the first one and posted it up on tour street-team the other day.  You need to sign up to watch it, but that's pretty easy.  The link of the video itself is http://onedaylife.fancorps.com/headquarters/videos/view/10032

Nobody has yet managed to convince me that Twitter is useful in any way.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Falling back in love with the Internet.

Hey, you ok? Great.  So, back to me.  I have kinda fallen out of love with the internet recently hence my lack of posts, but it's meaning I am getting a little behind with everything so it's time to bite the bullet and slam my fingers to the keys and start answering emails and finishing every every other job that has built up over the past couple of weeks.  If you are waiting for something from me, you should get it soon (although to be honest, if you haven't been chasing it, it probably isn't important enough to you for me to care about).

I hope you've made good use of the first few weeks of this year.  Mine have been almost wasted after being ill (one of the most frustrating things in the world), having some problems with my day-job and some family stuff.  These are not excuses. I hate that feeling of looking back over the last few days or weeks and feeling like you haven't achieved a thing, and feeling powerless to do anything about it.  Sometimes my brain robs me of motivation without warning, I am forced to wait it out until my "passion" reflex kicks back in and reminds me to get up every morning and pour myself into something I love doing.  Do you spend your life doing something you love, or do you find the motivation the hard part...you know there is nothing else stopping you right?  I am sometimes lazy, I sometimes let things slide, but I try my best in that face of that and try to admit it when it happens - it's people that convince themselves there is a barrier in the way other than their own mind that will not get to where they want to be.  Make sure you're aren't one of them.

In music stuff - I will be doing some production work later this week for another musician so hopefully they will let me post up the results here when I'm done, it'll be a project I didn't have any influence on the songs which is new for me, but you gotta try new things all the time just to see how it goes.

In non-music stuff I have got into House.  Go catch it if you've never watched it, because it involves Lieutenant The Honourable George Colthurst St. Barleigh from Blackadder solving medical problems as a misanthropic American doctor, what's not to love about that?  I also find comfort in the fact that most of the episodes are almost identical, there's something soothing in the routine of a TV show that lets you escape from your brain for a while.

In music-not-related-to-me stuff, I have got loads of new stuff recently - the new Kano album rocks, the Basement Jaxx singles collection is awesome, I love the new New Found Glory single 'Listen To Your Friends', been listening to the John Williams 'Best Of' collection which is of course brilliant, the new All American Rejects album is good (Kev is in love with it) but nothing new from them.  If you haven't ever listened to "The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me" by Brand New, go and get it because it's brilliant.

In lets-all-be-happy stuff, I made sure I was home to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama the other day.  Don't ask me why, but I've had an huge interest in US politics since the first time I saw The West Wing years ago, and it was amazing to see something that just a few years ago made an "great concept, but it'll never happen" storyline for a TV show come to life and affect the lives of millions.  Oh, and if you don't watch The Daily Show with John Stewart then start.

Oh, and can anyone tell me what the hell is the point in Twitter.  Nobody seems to be able to tell me - it's like facebook but they deleted everything except the "status" bit?  I am giving it a few days before I find a use for it, then I'm deleting my account.

Ok, the typing muscles seemed to have warmed up, time to get a coffee and hit the keys.

Max x

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