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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Filling in the gaps.

So while I wait for photoshop to do something long and complicated, I've been filling in some gaps in my music collection that I got the other day but haven't put in my iTunes yet.  My music collection is seriously well organised, I have hundreds of albums and each one is named and numbered correctly, usually with the correct release dates and all the other pointless information that nobody else cares about.  It's vaguely OCD - it gives me a sense of comfort to know that it's all done properly.

Anyway, new stuff includes:

The first Kelly Clarkson album - Miss Independent is a great song, haven't had time to check the rest out yet.  

The first Paramore EP - songs aren't as good as the albums, but hey, it's Hayley Williams singing so who cares right?  

'With Hopes Of Starting Over' and the 'Make Yourself At Home' EP's from The Starting Line who are a great band. I had a few of these songs but finally bothered to get them all.  Consistently great band.  

The rest of the first New Found Glory album, "Nothing Gold Can Stay" - I only had a few songs from this and they remain one of my favourite bands of all time, hard working musical heroes who have never put a foot wrong in my eyes.

Go and check these bands/artists out if you've never heard their stuff.

Max x

Friday, February 20, 2009

No time, but while you're waiting..

Hey, so i haven't reeally had a lot of time recently, I am trying to get a bunch of jobs done before upgrading our studio PC to something that may actually be able to handle mixing a pop song. In the meantimes, I found the photo above while editing images for our new website intro video. That guy is Frank Turner. If you don't know who Frank Turner is, please go and listen to him at http://www.myspace.com/frankturner - he has released his new album along with a 23-track CD that includes a bunch of songs from earlier in his career.

I have also been listening to a lot of Huey Lewis & The News recently. Awesome. The new Lily Allen album is better than the first one. I also picked up a copy of the Jonas Brothers albumn - it's no McFly, but it's not bad. Been listening to the new Chase & Status album - I find I have the same problem with them as I do with Pendulum, they struggle to keep up the momentum and hooks across the whole album - some of it feels like it's just padding the gaps between the cool tracks.

Ok, gotta get back to work. I'll see you soon.
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