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Good question! Why not start by checking out the categories across the top of this page? Each section has instructions on how to use the downloads, so get going!

If you want to get more involved, you should join our street-team, where we set tasks for the band and you earn prizes and rewards for completing them. You can find more information at www.thelifers.co.uk

Here are a few more ideas you should try out:
  • Tell your friends about the band.
  • Mention the band in your MySpace/Facebook status.
  • Play the CD in your classroom/workplace during breaks.
  • Link to the site in your blog.
  • Set up one:day:life as your ringtone.
  • Make a fansite and send us the link.
Use your imagination, there are loads of great ideas on the street-team, and if you think of any more let us know!
Yes. You can get it as a colour JPG file by clicking here, or if you want a black & white version, click here.

You can also get both these logos as part of our press pack, which contains a lot of promotional material - download it here (6MB zip file).

Yes - you just need to let us know where they can play. Get together a list of the venues in your area and send them to us, we will get in touch with them and try and book a show there.

There is a task set up for this on the street-team, why not get rewarded for helping out? Check it out here.
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