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What is a street-team?

A street-team is a group of people all working together to promote the same thing. The Lifers are here to promote one:day:life. In return for all their hard work promoting, they earn rewards, prizes and other cool stuff that other people can't get.

How does it work?

Everything you do for the street-team earns you points. You get points just for logging in, posting on the forums..all kinds of simple things.

There are also tasks to complete to earn more points (they are generally where the big points are, but they involve a little more work). The tasks are pretty varied and you can decide which ones you want to take part in.

Every month, the lifer that has earned the most points is rewarded - and we also offer one-off prizes for some of the bigger tasks. Rewards don't just come from the one:day:life, but from sponsors, other bands, all kinds of things are on offer if you want to work for them.
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