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Ah ha!! The most important question of all - here's a quick guide to what you can get out of being in the lifers - for the latest news about competitions, prizes, tasks, and everything else lifer-related, check out Captain Hicks' (the street-team leader) blog.

The basic idea is simple: points = prizes.

Money Off Vouchers

Each month, the lifer with the most points wins a 5 voucher to spend at www.onedaylife.co.uk/shop. It can be spent on pretty much whatever you want*, and the vouchers can be saved up (to a maximum value of 30), so you can be the highest scoring lifer over a few months and save it all up to spend at once.We will also bundle in extra gifts from the band and our sponsors as we get them.

The Lifer Award

Every three months, the highest scoring lifer over the previous three months wins a Lifer Award medal. When you win for the first time, you'll receive a Bronze Lifer Award, if you are good enough to win it again, you'll get the Silver - and yeah, you guessed it, you then win the Gold Lifer Award. We're waiting to get these back from the engravers at the moment (oh yeah, they're engraved, that's how cool they are) but we'll post photos up soon.


As well as all of that, there are one-off competitions to win exclusive prizes from one:day:life and from our sponsors. We are always working to find new things to give away to the Lifers, so join up and get involved to be in with a chance.

Rank Prizes

As you earn more points, you will rise up through the ranks. Reaching certain ranks will earn you custom-made merchandise and more...

Lifer Of The Year

At the end of each year, we will pick a Lifer who has shown dedication, hard work and helped the community. They get a kick-ass trophy, prizes and the respect of everyone else on the team.

* Dependent on items being in stock. Some items may be excluded e.g. Gig Tickets - this is often out of our hands. All non eligible items will be clearly marked.
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